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The only Jewish-Israeli journalist in the Westbank, Amira Hass - Jung & ...

In English.

Rush's Geddy Lee on his obsession with the history of the bass guitar

Varoufakis, Guardian: "Our plan to revive Europe can succeed where Macron and Piketty failed"

As usual, wise words worth attending to.

Read here.

Note how this "radical" idea is simply what used to be the American and European norm. That's how far to the right we've gone. And all the good, adult Democrats will snicker about the stupid morons who want to push this stuff. As the right continues to rise.

The Pro-Palestinian Movement Should Dump Alice Walker Immediately

[21 Dec: Walker’s doubled down: NYT and the post on her blog/site. One line in her blog post I definitely agree with: “The ignorance of many humans, especially in our country, is abysmal.” Correct, and she's a prime example of that.]

They won't. But they should.

By the way, a few months ago, working for #MeTooGaza, I actually talked to Walker on the phone, as she was having trouble uploading a video. She's a nice and funny person, in an interpersonal sense. I didn't know about this lunacy, though.

Here's the poem noted in the link above (original here):

It Is Our (Frightful) Duty To Study The Talmud ©2017 by Alice Walker The first time I was accused Of appearing to be anti-Semitic The shock did not wear off
For days.
The man who charged me
Was a friend.
A Jewish Soul
Who I thought understood
Or could learn to understand
Almost anything. He could not understand
Why I thought Israel should give back
The land it took
From a poorly defended
People in a war that lasted
Six days. I cri…

The United States of North Korea: Making Political Speech (in this case, BDS) a Felony

Somewhat famously, when the usual suspects, led by Alan Dershowitz (that avatar of civil liberties), tried to quash a fucking conference on BDS at Brooklyn College in 2013, Michael Bloomberg reacted properly: 

“If you want to go to a university where the government decides what kind of subjects are fit for discussion, I suggest you apply to a school in North Korea.” (The Chronicle of Higher Education on that story.)

I am not "for BDS," as each and every potential boycott or divestment notion needs to be independently considered. I also have some experience with the leaders of BDS; they're assholes.

I am against an academic boycott, for sure. Boycotts of Israeli products made in the occupied territories? Sounds good to me. Divestment of mutual funds from companies that profit from or are located in the occupied territories? Sounds good to me. And so on. (Sanctions are a state-level tactic; we're nowhere near that yet.)

So I'm neither "for" nor "against&…

A Scene from _Charade Runner: The Campaign Director's Cut_

Washington, D.C.
An intern runs across the conference room as PR HACK watches his progress. JOE BIDEN walks in.
Do you like our intern?
PR HACK Is it unpaid?
BIDEN, right hand in pocket, smiles and saunters over to PR HACK.
BIDEN Of course it is.
PR HACK Must be a relative of a very big donor.
BIDEN Very. I’m Joe.
BIDEN It seems you feel our work might be a benefit to the public.
PR HACK Candidates are like any other product. They’re either a benefit or a hazard. If they’re a benefit, it's my problem.
BIDEN May I ask a personal question?