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The Return of Nigel Farage!

No, Rashida Tlaib Is Definitely Not Antisemitic, Meagan Day, Jacobin. Correct.

If anyone on earth falls for this shit, shame on them. Done playing: just pure shame. 

Dig in full, including what Tlaib actually said, which is pretty much philo-semitic as fuck: she is proud of Palestinians sheltering Jewish refugees from the Nazis but can't be entirely thrilled because, like, they lost their fucking country. This now counts as some kind of Holocaust-denying Jew-hatred, at least according to Trump and Scalise, two fucking antisemites, each.

And many liberal Jews just nod approvingly. You all suck, though: Jewish or not. If you're not a right-winger and you fell for this shit, shame on you, and skip to the end of this to get the fucking message, which I'll even bold; then go and sin no more:

We should see this phenomenon for what it is: a cynical strategy to discredit anyone who criticizes Israel and its fiercest advocates in the United States government, coming from people who don’t give a rat’s ass about bigotry against Jews or any other religious or ethni…

A Real Historian of India Exposes the BJP's Hinduvta Bullshit; Somebody Call Tulsi Gabbard!

Romila Thapar wrote a fine history of ancient India. She's very, very good. And this op ed in the NYTis spot on -- and of course extendable to any of these far-right nationalist/fascist movements:

To establish a Hindu state, democracy has to be replaced by a state where the fact of Hindus being in a majority in itself gives them priority. The Hindutva definition of the Hindu is that both his ancestral homeland and the Hindu religion’s place of origin are within the boundaries of British India. This makes the Hindu distinctly different from those that came from elsewhere, as well as from those of other religions — Christians, Muslims and Parsis are therefore aliens.

The origin of the Hindus is traced back to Aryan culture. Aryan identifies a language and a culture, not a biological race, whose emergence historians date to the second millennium B.C. But the Hindutva version of history is frantically pushing the date back to include the Indus civilization, a sophisticated urban civiliz…

David Wallace-Wells: Earth at 2° hotter will be horrific. Now here’s what 4° will look like.

This is what the world will be like if we do not act on climate change.
The best-case scenario of climate change is that world gets just 2°C hotter, which scientists call the "threshold of catastrophe".Why is that the good news? Because if humans don't change course now, the planet is on a trajectory to reach 4°C at the end of this century, which would bring $600 trillion in global climate damages, double the warfare, and a refugee crisis 100x worse than the Syrian exodus.David Wallace-Wells explains what would happen at an 8°C and even 13°C increase. These predictions are horrifying, but should not scare us into complacency. "It should make us focus on them more intently," he says.David Wallace-Wells is a national fellow at the New America foundation and a columnist and deputy editor at New York magazine. He was previously the deputy editor of The Paris Review. He lives in New York City. His latest book is The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming.

Chelsea Manning Back in Prison After Refusing to Testify

"Freed eight days ago, Manning was subpoenaed before a new grand jury investigating Assange. Despite grave danger to her health, she refused to testify, saying she would rather die in prison than change her principles."

A fucking superhero is what she is. Hey, always-scared, fake-tough MAGA boys: this, not the orange buffoon you worship, is what courage looks like. Magnificent, selfless courage. 

You, on the other hand, are what "pathetic" looks like.

Here's a petition you can sign. The government will be fining her $500, and then $1000, a day starting soon, so she will need serious funds.

The Power of Addiction and The Addiction of Power: Gabor Maté at TEDxRio+20

God help me, a useful TED talk.

Why Socialism? With Bhaskar Sunkara

More Creeping -- actually, scratch that -- Sprinting Fascism: 1984izing your Neighborhood

Someone in our neighborhood tried to get us to sign up for this shit. No fucking way. We left the email version after getting twenty "who was that unregistered brown person in our neighborhood, did he want to rape me, and can we have him drawn and quartered right now?" messages a week.
We live in a pretty Republican/Trumpy neighborhood, unfortunately. Close to the highways, at least, and pretty enough. And who actually talks to their neighbors nowadays, right?
But, yeah, as in every single fucking example in history, when the shit goes south, it'll be your nice, cute little friends'n'neighbors, if not family members, too, who'll be there to sell you out. 
That's what fascism breeds, and it don't need to try too hard with some. Probably most. The temptation to use state power or vigilantes to settle scores is just too much. 
Yes, of course, Virginia: the reason I am against this is because I'm for all kinds of crime. O course! I mean, if we were al…

Guardian: In liberal San Francisco, anti-Trump politicians support police raid on journalist

You're surprised? Why? You believe the PR? Then you're an idiot -- and after you saw how the Obama administration handled press freedom, how the establishment Democrats and virtually all of the media cheered Assange's arrest. The latter having happened about ten minutes ago.

"Doug, I want rights for those I think are right. The rest are wrong; what rights should they have? This guy is pro-police, so, good! I'm glad his rights were trampled! It's worth it to criminalize all non-stenographic journalism! Only in that way may we beat back fascism. Be Woke! Vote Biden!"

This is how the Resistance(TM) does its brave resistance.

Richard Wolff Interview On TYT

So, the actual liberals at TYT -- real liberals, meaning, they are not Marxists or Marxian -- somehow didn't have a fucking nervous breakdown when confronted with an actual leftist. They talked to him.

Why doesn't that happen elsewhere? If it's all bullshit, have 'em on, wipe the floor with 'em, and that's that.

You know why: too many of the ideas on the real left just make far too much sense on every level.

Ocasio-Cortez & Sanders Introduce Bill to Cap Credit Card Interest Rates at 15%

A completely un-radical proposal that would merely return us to some former semi-sanity.

In other words, Stalinism.

MediaLens: The London Climate Protests--Raising the Alarm

A fine piece of writing, let alone reportage; this intro captures at least my daily existence better than anything I've ever read--or written:
The feeling is often there at night, of course, in the wee small hours. But it can arise at almost any time – looking at someone we care about, listening to birdsong on an unusually warm spring morning, shopping. It is like being trapped on a sinking ship, with the captain and crew refusing to admit that anything is wrong. The passengers are mostly oblivious, planning their journeys and lives ahead. Everything seems 'normal', but we know that everything will soon be at the bottom of the sea. Everything seems ordinary, familiar, permanent, but will soon be gone. It feels as if our happiness, our every moment spent with the people and places we love, is irradiated by the fear of impending climate collapse. Last month, the Extinction Rebellion protests in London (and globally) finally challenged some aspects of this waking nightmare – at …

Guardian: 'Terrifying' Ebola epidemic out of control in DRC, say experts

No big deal. Just a 66% fatality rate for this outbreak, last I checked. Airborne transmission. War zone. Lots and lots of easy air travel to anywhere on earth within 24 hours. You know, modernity.

I'm sure our betters and rulers have a plan for what happens if and/or when this goes pandemic. There'll be a lot of love, a lot of sharing. Calm, stoic love. That's what you'll see.


Medical Insurance Companies Can Decide Who Lives and Dies - RAI with Wendell Potter

Peter Ustinov talks, hilariously, about making Spartacus, Charles Laughton, and more

Funny as hell:

So is this:

How Politicians Get Corrupted: The New Kill Medicare For All Group, "Center Forward"

Here's the Intercept story by the highly valuable Lee Fang.

So, uh, no, it's not enough just to defeat Trump. Want to defeat Trumpism? Want to stop global warming, get back on track with nuclear weapons control, and all the rest?

Sanders. That's it. That's your option.

Or, if you like, center forward. I'm sure the latte-sipping morons will fall for that; we'll see if it matters.

Arundhati Roy: Capitalism Is “A Form of Religion” Stopping Solutions to Climate Change & Inequality

Roy probably doesn't think Biden is "the safe choice," either. Another fool worth quoting in full: NERMEENSHAIKH: Arundhati, I would like to now turn to another issue, which you also raised in your lecture last night, and that is climate change. Another award-winning Indian writer, Amitav Ghosh, has written about climate change in his most recent book titled The Great Derangement: Climate Change and the Unthinkable. Ghosh discusses two key publications on climate change that were written in 2015—the Encyclical on Environment and Climate Change by Pope Francis and the Paris Climate Agreement. Ghosh points out several differences in the two texts, writing that the Encyclical doesn’t hesitate to “criticize the prevalent paradigms of our era. Most of all it is fiercely critical of the idea of infinite or unlimited growth.” He goes on to say, quote, “In the text of the Paris Agreement, by contrast, there is not the slightest acknowledgment that something has gone wrong with our…

Brazil's Bolsonaro: 'Exterminator of the Future'

I don't know, the FT and WSJ love Bolsonaro...could they be part of the omnicidal profit-over-all that will kill my children and grandchildren? Probably, but I lack the spine to stand up against the destruction of their futures, so, I guess I'll just blame the Bernie Bro fucking retarded professional left. Thank god they exist; otherwise, I might have to look in the mirror!

Biden 2020!

"The governments of Asia, Europe and North America are going to be crucial in making sure that another twenty percent of the forest is not destroyed by the policies that Bolsonaro is putting in place right now because scientists tell us that another twenty percent risks triggering this feedback loop called dieback, in which the forest will simply collapse and its systems will no longer be able to sustain themselves. There will be a, sort of, domino effect of dry-out and burns, and then you’ll have this enormous release of carbon as well as an absorption of heat that is now being reflected bac…

Bill Nye Has Had Enough: Green New Deal: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Aristotle's Lagoon: a documentary on how Aristotle invented biology

Get more learns on here, here, and here.

Adolph Reed, Jr: Can Biden 'Make America Moral Again?'


Senator and presidential hopeful Joe Biden has said he plans to “Make America Moral Again,”—a counter to Trumpian “division” and corruption. The Real News Network's Jacqueline Luqman spoke to Professor Adolph Reed Jr., who recently co-authored a Guardian op-ed titled “Joe Biden Wants Us To Forget His Past, We Won’t” with Cornel West about the limits of Biden's gestures towards “morality” and bipartisanship. “The bipartisanship ideal has never really been good for poor people, working people, women, and racial and ethnic minorities,” Reed said. “But in particular, Biden's legacy of bipartisanship includes cultivating friendly relations and even jointly-sponsored bills with South Carolina Senator Strom Thurmond, who was one of the most notorious racists of the postwar period.” The way to begin understanding Biden's approach, Reed explained, is to understand his membership in the influential Democratic Leadership Council (DLC): “Their strategy—frontloading Southern pr…

Great Documentaries on Great Scientists

Here’s a playlist including dox on Aristotle (as a biologist), Copernicus, Galileo, Newton, Goethe, Darwin, Mendel, Boltzmann, Fermi, and Feynman....

How the Mainstream Media Ignores the Climate Change Crisis

And pretty much everything that doesn't make them an immediate profit.