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Two Recent Articles from The Atlantic that Pretty Much Lay It Down

1. First, on the Nazis living among us: 'It Makes Us Want to Support Him More'

2. Second, on the rest of us: What Americans Do Now Will Define Us Forever

Well, one more, not from the Atlantic: Trump Praises Supporters Who Want to Deport Ilhan Omar as “People That Love Our Country”
That's it. If you're not a Trumper and you're not making defeating this your number-one priority, you're helping fascism. 
Period. End of story.
I know what I'm doing; what the fuck are you doing? Updating your Facebook status? Shopping? Being "polite" (read: "a fucking coward") with your Trump-loving friends and family?
If so, I have zero sympathy for you. You're a Good German.

The Lack of Silence of the Cat: A Short Film

Morning. Early, early morning. Like, 4:15 in the morning. Early, is what I’m saying, OK? 
GRENDEL sits on DOUG’s chest. DOUG looks like he hasn’t slept more than four hours straight in weeks because he hasn’t slept more than four hours straight in weeks.
GRENDEL: It rubs the fur on my skin. It does this whenever it's told.
DOUG [Begging to be left alone.]: Grendel, I will pay you in catnip. Whatever ransom you're asking for, I’ll pay it.
GRENDEL [Unheeding.] It rubs the fur on my skin or else it gets the paw again. [To self in loving sing-song.] Yes, it will, Precious. It will get the paw!
DOUG [Rubbing while fighting back tears.]: OK, OK, OK. I’ll do it…OK. [Tentatively.] Grendel, if you let me sleep for another hour, I won't make you wait till six for breakfast. I promise! See, my sleep is a real important thing. I guess you already knew that.
GRENDEL: Now it gets up and places the food in the dish.
DOUG [Breaking down.]: Please! Please! I wanna go to sleep, please!

National Weather Service: Hazardous Weather Outlook for the Nation

Hazardous Weather Outlook
URGENT - WEATHER MESSAGE National Weather Service Washington, DC 347 PM EDT Thu Jul 18 2019
CTZ002>004-MAZ002>021-026-RIZ001>007-190900- /O.UPG.KBOX.EH.A.0001.190720T1500Z-190721T0100Z/ /O.NEW.KBOX.EH.W.0001.190719T1600Z-190722T0000Z/
Alabama-Arizona-Arkansas-California-Colorado-Connecticut-Delaware-Florida-Georgia-Idaho-Illinois-Indiana-Iowa-Kansas-Kentucky-Louisiana-Maine-Maryland-Massachusetts-Michigan-Minnesota-Mississippi-Missouri-Montana-Nebraska-Nevada-New Hampshire-New Jersey-New Mexico-New York-North Carolina-North Dakota-Ohio-Oklahoma-Oregon-Pennsylvania-Rhode Island-South Carolina-South Dakota-Tennessee-Texas-Utah-Vermont-Virginia-Washington-West Virginia-Wisconsin-Wyoming
347 PM EDT Thu Jul 18 2019
The National Weather Service has issued a Venus-Level Heat Warning, which is in effect from noon Friday to 8 PM EDT Sunday. 
The Excessive Heat Watch is no longer in effect becau…

‘Journalism Is Helping to Normalize the Concentration Camps’: CounterSpin interview with Arun Gupta

A taste from Gupta:

It’s interesting, because when we launched the campaign, the Institute for Public Accuracy, which tries to get non-mainstream voices into the mainstream, they sent out a press release about this effort, and I pretty much immediately was contacted by NPR’s reporter for the borderlands and immigration, John Burnett. And it was a bizarre and disturbing exchange, because, essentially, he was trying to set a trap for me. He doesn’t even say, like, “Oh, I’m interested in this story. What is this about blah, blah, blah.” He just starts immediately, “Which of the facilities are concentration camps?” And we start having an exchange, where I’m like, “I’m not going to be drawn into this game.” And finally he admits, “Well, I’m touring the new HHS child influx center in Carrizo Springs tomorrow; so I wanted to know, like, which one of these specific shelters are concentration camps.” And I’m like, “You were basically playing a gotcha game; you wanted me to say, like, ‘They’re …

FAIR: To Media, No Democrat Can Possibly Be Right-Wing

A taste, and note this well: "In fact, the phrase “right-wing Democrat” has not appeared in the New York Times for over 30 years." Tells you all you need to know; here's the rest of the taste: The 2020 presidential candidacy race is in full (absurdly early) swing, and there is a clear and obvious internal battle currently raging for the soul of the Democratic Party. One faction is attempting to pull the party in a more populist, social-democratic direction, while another favors maintaining a neoliberal, pro-business course. We all know the most prominent members of the first group: The likes of presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders and freshmen representatives like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley are constantly referred to (accurately) as representing the left of the party (e.g., New York Post7/9/19New York Times4/10/19New Yorker6/18/19), but also as a cabal of “extremist” (Atlantic4/3/19TheHill6/17/19), “far-left” rev…

Jewish Activists of 'Never Again' Action Oppose Immigrant Detention Centers

These mensches (of whatever gender) have my full support.

Noam Chomsky: “Worship of Markets” Is Threatening Human Civilization

The first question and answer:

C.J. Polychroniou: Noam, looking at the current state of the world, I think it is not an exaggeration at all to say that we live in ominously dangerous times — and not simply in a period of great global complexity, confusion and uncertainty, which, after all, has been the “normal” state of the global political condition in the modem era. I believe, in fact, that we are in the midst of a whirlpool of events and developments that are eroding our capacity to manage human affairs in a way that is conducive to the attainment of a political and economic order based on stability, justice and sustainability. Indeed, the contemporary world is fraught, in my own mind at least, with perils and challenges that will test severely humanity’s ability to maintain a steady course toward anything resembling a civilized life. 

How did we get to such a state of affairs, with tremendous economic inequalities and the resurgence of the irrational in political affairs on the one …

No More Concentration Camps: Movement to End Immigrant Detention

We are calling on all people of conscience to shut down the concentration camps on the US-Mexico border through any nonviolent means necessary. From Abolitionism to Standing Rock, Americans have come together time and again to defy horrific injustice. Now, as the government tries to normalize concentration camps, it is time like never before to target those responsible. Historians call the “border detention centers” concentration camps. Rabbis call them concentration camps. Actor George Takei says, “I know what concentration camps are. I was inside two of them, in America. And yes, we are operating such camps again.”

Doctors say children are being detained in “torture facilities.” The camps are rife with diseasefilth, and lack of proper food. Seven children have died in detention in recent months. Meanwhile, the Trump administration is telling judges that the safe and sanitary conditions that it is required by law to provide are possible without soap, toothbrushes, or even sleep.


The US is quietly opening shelters for babies and young kids. One has 12 children and no mothers

The federal government is quietly expanding its use of shelters to house infants, toddlers and other young asylum-seekers. One Phoenix facility housed 12 children ages 5 and under, Reveal has learned, some as young as 3 months old, all without their mothers. As part of this expansion, the government has designated three facilitiesto house newborns and unaccompanied teen mothers. Records obtained by Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting indicate a dozen children arrived at Child Crisis Arizona starting in mid-June, after it garnered a $2.4 million contract to house unaccompanied children through January 2022. The kids, some of whom entered the facility as recently as Thursday and hail from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Ecuador and Brazil, are each living in Child Crisis without a parent. It’s unclear where the children’s parents are located. Child Crisis didn’t respond to multiple requests for comment. The Office of Refugee Resettlement told Reveal on Friday that it’s…

Trump's Racist Rhetoric is Deliberate - Will it Lead Us to Fascism?

If we don't fight it, yes.

Ryan Grim: Maureen Dowd Asked Rahm Emanuel to Weigh In on an Immigration Debate. His Record Is Abysmal.

The core point:
What was most startling, and most instructive about the rot at the heart of today’s politics, is that Dowd’s column didn’t touch on the actual issue that the Squad and Pelosi were litigating — namely President Donald Trump’s cruel and inhumane treatment of asylum-seekers and other immigrants at the border. Even more startling was that Emanuel was allowed anywhere near that question. 
When it comes to immigration, both the politics and the policy, perhaps no Democrat has been more destructive over the past 25 years than Rahm Emanuel. 
The rest.
My general feeling, if you'll forgive the technical jargon, is that both the Trumpers and the neoliberal Democrats who helped bring us Trumpism can go fuck themselves, hard.

The U.S. Helped Defeat Ebola in 2014. Now, We’re Watching a Crisis Become a Catastrophe

I think that piece of shit Stephen Miller is smart and immoral enough to advise Trump to continue to do fuck-all so that when Ebola breaks out of Central Africa, the panic will be quite useful for ramming through all kinds of "emergency measures" to keep the Disease-Ridden Subhumans from the Shithole Continent--and anyone with too much melanin, frankly--out of lily-white America, what with its best air and water and health ever!
My biggest regret from the last Ebola response is that the world didn’t scale up earlier and faster. The 2014 crisis was unlike anything we had seen before and it exposed how ill-prepared America and the world were to respond to infectious disease threats.  But when America did lead, the rest of the world followed. The United States rallied technical experts and leaders from governments all over the world to launch a coordinated response to the Ebola crisis in Western Africa. Together, we leveraged American investments to yield new commitments from o…

Ruthless Philippine President's High Popularity Is the Result of Failed Democracy

Trump praised this psychopath to the skies, of course. This guy, and after he sad this:

PHILIPPINE PRESIDENT RODRIGO DUTERTE Hitler massacred three million Jews. Now, there’s three million, there’s three million drug addicts. There are. I’d be happy to slaughter them. At least, if Germany had Hitler, the Philippines—What? You know, my victims, I would like to be all criminals to finish the problem of my country, and save the next generation from perdition.

Trump’s Asylum Ban 2.0 Is Broadest Attack Yet on the Asylum Process

From Truthout; some choice bits:

Last year, the Department of Homeland Security unveiled a rule change in how its agencies interpreted “public charge,” the likelihood that an immigrant or would-be immigrant is or will be a “burden” on state finances. Historically, that definition of public charge has been largely limited to reliance on cash welfare; it has never been used to render immigrants ineligible for emergency food or health or housing assistance. Under the new definition, use of any of these additional forms of assistance would also render a person vulnerable to deportation — or, for would-be immigrants, if they were deemed likely to use these forms of assistance in the future, to denial of entry in the first place.


The Department of Justice changes, which news agencies began reporting in May, would fast-track deportations resulting from the use of benefits that the DHS public charge rule changes prohibit immigrants from accessing. Since a court ruling in 1948, the governme…

Two Adaptations of the Claudius Novels for Radio that Are Wicked Pissah

First, a three-hour BBC version from 1985.
Second, a six-hour BBC version from 2010, with Derek Jacobi as Augustus.