Billionaires up, America down

Some very sobering statistics in here, even for those in the know. Nah, no such thing as class warfare. Every American deserves his or her place in the natural hierarchy. Of course.

Meanwhile, Iraq is set to surpass Vietnam in dollar-adjusted cost by the end of the year. And we're headed to Iran...

Hmmm...extreme Keynesians, militarists, destroyers of civil liberties on "terror" pretexts, vicious and mendacious propagandizers, expert exploiters of little-known, little-used parliamentary tactics in order to destroy parliamentary procedure, devotees of a corporate-governmental nexus (way beyond outsourcing)...hmmm... Sounds more like fascists to me.

Yet the GOP portrays itself as "conservative." And I know bright people who really seem to believe it. Somewhere, Machiavelli is laughing.