World Can't Wait on Horowitz's "Islamo-fascism Week," Currently Underway


  1. I kind of like David Horowitz; the juxtaposition of Horowitz's words on 'reparations' with those of pics of lynchings[most of them were criminals and murderers and not regular citizens] is pure demagoguery

  2. It's demagoguery to juxtapose Horowitz's rantings against even discussing reparations for American blacks with documentary evidence of the treatment of blacks? I fail to see the point.

    On your second item, I realize that the Holy State (in this case, the US; in other times and places, it's other states) cannot ever be held accountable for crimes it fostered, allowed, etc. -- it's always "a few bad apples" or else you get called a "conspiracy theorist" -- but feel free to enlighten me as to why the vast shame of the appalling, 400-year-long treatment of Africans, and later African-Americans, is somehow walled off from us "regular citizens"?


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