Kucinich Reads Articles of Impeachment for Cheney on House Floor

Watch it here, via C-SPAN. Here are the articles themselves.


  1. Well, I guess the fruitcakes need representation too.

  2. How intelligent! "Fruitcakes" aside, I take it you're all for the kind of secret government, shorn of all checks and balances, of the Cheney-Bush administration? If so, please don't claim to be "conservative."

  3. I'm probably more conservative than you are. I just think Denny K is a fruitcake. He almost got recalled as mayor of Cleveland. I think , though, that if you want to attack Cheney and Bushwah, get someone who doesn't see UFOs to head it up.

  4. Aren't you just a tad suspicious of how the UFO comment has made major news, whereas every other aspect of Kucinich's program has languished? That he's fourth in many polls, but not invited to the Jackson-Jefferson dinner in Iowa? That he's ignored in debates? That this seems like a replay of the false "Dean scream", which was due to the purposeful playing of Dean's mike track without the background noise? I mean, on and on and on. I don't recall people going ape over Reagan's and Carter's UFO stories, and K didn't say he saw little green men, probes in hand.

    He was recalled in Cleveland, I believe, but the all-important question is: why? He refused to sell the municipal power grid to a private company. And he was later re-elected.

    So, instead of being led by the nose by propagandists, how about going to Kucinich's site to see what he's all about? Or, better yet, go to an independent site to see who he gets his money from?


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