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08 November 2007


Click above to sign; information below copied from page linked above in the title. Couldn't be more important. The number of submissions below updates automatically; refresh the page in your browser to see a change. On Facebook, it's already well over 100,000, with 99% in favor.

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In a stunning development on Nov 6th, 2007, a bipartisan majority of the House of Representatives refused to kill the privileged resolution to impeach Cheney brought by Dennis Kucinich.

Instead it was referred to the Judiciary committee, which is exactly where we want it to really build our momentum.


Recognizing the gravity of the increasingly loud drumbeats for more war coming from the Vice President's office, last week Dennis Kucinich [MP3 Audio Clip] made good on his promise to force the House of Representatives to take up the issue of impeachment, by bringing it as a privileged resolution.

Each and every member of the House must be called to account at this moment in American political history, by the demands of you, their constituents, whether they will stand up for the Constitution and stop Dick Cheney's delusional march to Iran . . . or not.

The one click form below will send your personal message to all your government representatives selected below, with the subject "Support H. Res 333 To Impeach Cheney", including the House Judiciary Committee and Nancy Pelosi. At the same time you can send your personal comments only as a letter to the editor of your nearest local daily newspaper if you like.


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  1. The votes are just not there for impeachment of Bush or Cheney (I wish they were!) so it would be a futile gesture to even waste time trying for it. Like there aren't enough important matters for Congress to consider before Bush and Cheney get kicked out of the White House for eternity (and good riddance!)?

    Fools like Dennis "UFO" Kucinich (spelling?) and Cindy Sheehan are just wasting their time with their shrill rants. Impeachment just ain't gonna happen! Get over it and work on the election which is less than a year away. The latest polls showing that it looks like a dead heat between Hillary and Rudy are scary enough without a bunch of hysterics from leftist loonies like these two!

  2. Hello, Harvey:

    First, I respect you blog in your own name. Can't stand the "anonymous" comments! Second, I realize where you are coming from -- it's clear both in your comment and in your Blogger bio. Clearly, someone who thought it necessary to start a blog on how much he hates Cindy Sheehan has a certain set of priorities I find strange.

    However, not only do I clearly not think Sheehan and Kucinich are loonies, but more importantly, I also don't think that rolling over because votes are not (or are assumed never will be) there for impeachment is a sufficient moral argument for allowing unconstitutional behavior to go unchecked in any way. Sometimes, you have to stand up for what you believe.

    Funnily enough, Cheney's approval ratings are single-digit, last I looked, and his impeachment would probably be welcomed by at least a large segment of the 90+% of Americans who detest what he's done. That this sentiment, along with many others (such as universal health care), is of zero consequence to our supposed Democratic-party saviors is indicative of the deeply anti-democratic nature of our ex-republic.

    Thus, I'm not all a-quiver to get Hillary elected, as repulsive as Giuliani is. I may end up voting for her, but I might not. Being in RI, I have the luxury to vote otherwise. On many issues, sure, Hillary would likely be better. On Iran? Nope. On Israel/Palestine? Unclear, at best. On restoring the constitution, which has been shredded? She's "considering" it, as you no doubt read.

    On what is deemed possible, in the 1950s, civil rights was deemed impossible, part of the "loony left," and so on. Sure, politics is the art of the possible; it is also the art of widening what is considered possible.

    Above all, we owe it to ourselves to stand up for what we believe. I see it on the libertarian right, with which I have little but this issue to agree upon; I see it on the "loony left"; and I see it, above all, in polls of American citizens on the key issues of the day: Iraq, a strike on Iran, universal health care, global warming, and so on.

    It takes a very good education to buy into inside-the-beltway (or inside-the-academy) views of what is possible, desirable, and so on.

  3. The above assumes, of course, that you're not just a right-wing plant (pun intended).