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Scriabin's Mysterium and the Birth of Genius, Emanuel E. Garcia, M.D.

Here's the original page; below is the description, with some light edits of the English (it's a Danish site):

1. Scriabin’s Mysterium and the Birth of GeniusScriabinMysterium.pdfA psychoanalytic approximation of our composer Skryabin, by Emanuel E. Garcia, M.D.Ed.: The author examines from a psychoanalytic perspective the role and meaning of Scriabin's grand and transcendent artistic conception, the Mysterium. In so doing he offers a key to the understanding of the Scriabin's genius and daring musical originality.
Also take a look at our page Skrjabin Bulletin and read an interesting comparison by Emanuel E. Garcia of the composers/pianists "Rachmaninov and Scriabin" [see immediately below].2. Rachmaninov and SkryabinRachScriabinPsaRev.pdfThe article "Rachmaninoff and Scriabin: Creativity and Suffering in Talent and Genius," by Emanuel E. Garcia, was published in June 2004 in The Psychoanalytic Review, Vol. 91 No. 3.
A treatise on sources of informati…

Perspecitves on Molecular Evolution, CalTech

Large historical site maintained by a good historian of evolutionary biology, Michael Dietrich.

Among other things:
Full transcript and video clips from a conference on the history of the neutral theory:Richard Lewontin's presentation:
Lewontin Clip 1Lewontin Clip 2Lewontin Clip 3Will Provine's presentation:
Provine Presentation-- Clip 1Provine Presentation-- Clip 2Provine Presentation-- Clip 3
Panel Discussion:Panel Clip 1 -- Michael Dietrich's Presentation
Panel Clip 2
Panel Clip 3
Panel Clip 4
Panel Clip 5
Panel Clip 6 -- Edna Suarez's Presentation Some clips of Lewontin and Dobzhansky from a 1973 BBC special, The Life Game:Lewontin and Gel ElectrophoresisFitch and the Heretic KimuraDobzhansky and the Significance of it AllLewontin (and Dobzhansky) on IdeologyMany documents on molecular evolutionary theory, from the site:
Online PublicationsJ. Buettner-Janusch and R. Hill, "Evolution of Hemoglobin in …