Nazi Propaganda film on the Invasion of Poland (in English)

As the hosts mention, uncomfortably familiar propaganda....


  1. War propaganda is a very intriguing subject. I'd like to study it to understand how and why people are tricked into supporting an illegal war of aggression. I'd really like to know how so many Americans were tricked into supporting the war in Iraq and how so many Israelis (I'm guessing the vast majority of Israelis, since you never see anti-war marches in the streets of Tel Aviv) are tricked into supporting every aggressive thing their government does.

  2. A couple of things I'll throw out there: Stanley Miller's _Obedience to Authority_, Wilhelm Reich's _The Mass Psychology of Fascism_ (his pre-orgone/wacky days), and anything by Orwell. I know you're a Chomsky buff, so you've probably read _Manufacturing Consent_, and there's a lot in there that's applicable.


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