"Ossetia-Russia-Georgia," Noam Chomsky, Presently unpublished, September, 2008


  1. Very interesting. Again, Chomsky hits it right on the head. Obviously, this whole conflict over South Ossetia is much more than an ethnic conflict as Georgia plus the West and Russia are fighting over influence like they did in the Cold War, but I'm sure this will die down pretty soon. I highly doubt that NATO would risk that much for Georgia, and things seem to be resolving themselves fairly well.

  2. I agree that the West's posturing is obvious bluster. We can't do jack about it. Of course, the Russian gov't is getting every inch of credit with its own populace (no democracy, that; rather like our own system in many ways, actually), but that doesn't mean much. We used Georgia to tug Russia's tail, and they hit back, hard. Not a damn thing we can do about it, but I do think it was a proxy war over oil and gas pipelines.

    The US is in such deep economic, political, and military trouble, though, and we have so many warships traipsing around the Black Sea -- risking serious war with Russia through accident, if nothing else -- that we need to be pretty concerned about it. We won't back down on Ukraine or Georgia coming into NATO, and a Russian general said that if Ukraine did that, it would be targeted with nuclear missiles -- and he even implied that it would be _hit_ with nukes. We always love to say all options are on the table, too, of course (which means up to and including nukes, and we killed our no-first-strike policy, of course), but insanity is still insanity, Russian or American or any regime's. External enemies are oh so useful for control over one's restive population!


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