The Bloodbath in Sri Lanka

1. Video from the Guardian.

2. From Channel 4 News:

3. A good question: Why don't we care about Sri Lanka?

A key point:

The apparent cynicism of leaders like President Obama is another emotional barrier, leaving many questioning what they are being told: While he attacked both the LTTE and the Sri Lankan government this week for causing “widespread suffering and the loss of hundreds if not thousands of lives,” his own national security advisor said aerial bombing would continue in Afghanistan despite the high numbers of civilian casualties.

General James Jones said while the United States would do more to reduce the number of civilian casualties, it would not stop air strikes because “we can't fight with one hand tied behind our back.” In this American calculus, Tamil civilians are worth more than Afghans.

I should point out that it doesn't take a huge leap of imagination to understand what's happening in Sri Lanka, even absent pictures or video.