Intelligent Design?

From a storyboard for a corporate online training module left on my doorstep yesterday:

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How You People Should Do Certain Things More Betterer

The Money-Goes-In-Here Data Entry System is, like, really important for all of you human resources out there to learn up on good. Here's a step-by-step method, laid out in steps:

1. Money is a means of exchanging goods and services. Press Ctrl + K to enter your sale. Only certain people can do this. Check with Legal.

b. Make sail with customer.

III. Enter amount of monies in the spot right there. The Federal Reserve System was set up in 1913.

[[[Voiceover Script: "Data processing is a very, very, very important part of the totality of things we do here at Felinity. On this page, we will all touch the stone on how best to effect the triggers for good behavior in the most empowering way for you that corresponds exactly to our diktat. Banks are named after the Italian word for benches. Felinity has many locations all over the world."]]]