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Gaza Shall Not Die! -- International Solidarity Day in Gaza, January 1, 2010

Hyperlink courtesy of yours truly; all else is Norm's. To see the graphic at the top of Norm's website, reproduced below, at full size, just click here. Please make this widely known.
The time is now to break the siege of Gaza.

Please see the announcement at the top of my web site.

Please spread the word! I hope you''ll join me on that historic day.


  1. Natasha Hardenne11 June, 2009 15:23

    Hi I saw this on Finkelstein's website, but can't find details about it anywhere. Can't spread the word if there are no details to go with it...

    However, I will DEFINITELY be there! :o)

  2. Hey, Natasha: If you're on Facebook, friend me! Here's an update I posted on there:

    "I just got off the phone with Norman, and he suggested I note the following:

    1. The idea will be to have backers fund those who want to go and can't afford it.

    2. The idea will be for students, particularly, to be if not sponsored by universities, then by student groups, and most important:

    3. Everyone who goes will have at least one person watching them online all the time. The entire event will be streamed online.

    4. This is obviously a gigantic undertaking, operationally, and more than enough work will be available for anyone who wants to do some, whether they go themselves or not.

    5. Without going into detail, from a twenty minute talk with Norm, he's thought through at least what would occur to lil ol' me, and is no doubt occurring to you right now.

    It looks like a brilliant idea, and I'm almost certainly going, the "almost certainly" meaning that I have to convince my wife who is concerned!"

  3. Natasha Hardenne12 June, 2009 12:48

    Ah, so Finkelstein dreamed this one up? How do I find you on FB?

  4. Yep, all Norman.

    My name's Doug Tarnopol; I'll try to find you on FB now.

    Best, Dug

  5. Natasha: Done, and removed! :)

  6. Hi Doug,

    I've come upon your blog after lookin for more on this excellent proposal. I'm also on FB but don't much use it, will nevertheless seek you out.



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