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Some Limericks

Thanks to Madeleine Begun Kane, a Facebook friend, for the prompts -- she provides first lines for all to limericize upon. Feel free to join in the fun!

An obstreperous fellow named Joe,
After bidin' his time (just for show),
Hitched up with Obama
To partake in the drama
Of dealing the law its last blow.

A hard-working woman named May,
Who read Maureen Dowd every day:
"Eighty cents on the dollar?
About *that* I will holler --
Not 'identity,' but equal pay!"

There once was a fellow named Wayne
Who swaggered across fruited plain.
This Marion-ette,
The rightwingers' pet
Made blood a removable stain.

A dim-witted driver named Ed
Took Geithner each day to the Fed
Where Tim and Bernanke's
Routine hanky-pankies
Drove Ed to the poorhouse instead.

I'm officially addicted; making up some on my own, prompt-free:

A thinker named Finkelstein, Norman,
As tough as a weathered longshoreman,
Was head of the cause --
He worked without pause --
But always denied he was foreman.

An unfortunate specimen (rare),
By heredity punningly square,
Became glossolalic
From Joyce's post-Gaelic
And his chance of recovery? Bare.

Goethe Rearranges Reagan's Taxotomy

The spirit of JOHANN VON GOETHE;
A villa just north of Caserta:
"The cynic aristo,
Of nickname Mephisto,
Could never have bested the ERTA."