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Michael Jackson = Princess Guy

Do I have to sit through a year of nonstop coverage, sobbings, and vulture-like preying on the corpse? Apparently, I do.

I don't even care about the supposed kiddie fondling -- it's just the enforced mourning, and especially the appalling necrophilic vulturing of the press.

My two cents, unrelated to the rest, is that, hey, he's not that great, anyway: four good songs on _OTW_, _Billie Jean_, one or two other catchy ones. I never liked him much as a preteen, and I won't pretend I do now to join in The Big Weep.

But what one thinks of his music/art isn't really relevant. Shit, when Ingmar Bergman died, I didn't have a public sobfest to show that I was part of the "in crowd," using my loud liking of him to show my conformity. I mean, why not sell pieces of his dead body and home for shrines around the world to worship -- or better yet: a Michael Jackson cookie we can all eat to share of His goodness?

I mean, who in their right mind would launch such a death cult...uh...hmmm.


  1. Natasha Hardenne27 June, 2009 05:12


    I thought it was just me that was indifferent! So many of my friends profess to be "gutted" and really, I just don't get it. I enjoyed Billie Jean, Smooth Criminal (Alien Ant Farm version is better) and Thriller, but that's it. I've heard better (Coldplay's God Put A Smile On Your Face, Greg Laswell's What A Day, Black & Gold by Sam Sparro, etc) He didn't change my life in anyway. What's all the fuss about?!

  2. Natasha Hardenne27 June, 2009 05:29

    Ooh! And let's not forget Eric Clapton's "Layla" -

    Quite possibly the greatest song in existence!

  3. Agreed, especially on Layla!

  4. My son age 28 is a huge fan and I don't have a problem with what's going on as people choose to watch tv, read tabloids etc. and as for corporate MSM this is normal - I haven't watched television since 1991 and don't miss it.

    & I do find the above refreshing as another viewpoint. I am just a huge music fan & so to see Michael = Elvis or that James Brown had 4 funerals - c'est la vie.


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