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Natasha Lennard, Spot On: "After Last Week, There’s No Hope That the Media Will Ever Abandon False Equivalencies With the Far Right"

Lennard's excellent points--and I disagree with her on her radical-chic antifa-tactics-humping, mind you, which is a fucking gift to the far-right--can be read here.

I noticed it, too--it's impossible not to notice, which is why many people, usually latte-sippers, miss it. They're addicted to both-sides-ism and something called "civility," which apparently means "being a total fucking coward in the face of neofascism."

As Cenk Uygur points out with no mercy in a previous post. To eight people in the room at the National Press Club, which is telling. Those pussies can't even sit there and listen to a critique of their wonderful selves and wonderful institutions.

The "journalists" who engage in it, I expect to do so. That people buy it, I should expect, and do, but decry, even moreso than in the journo-whores who bleat this shit out. The journos are usually just stupid. Literally, just dumb, as well as cowardly careerists. What's our excuse? Dumb? Cowards? Yes, but we lack the institutional and careerist excuses of the journos. So we suck more.

Now compare the cowards in Lennard's article, and that you've likely seen on TV, to the comments of a real fucking journalist, Allan Nairn. But, see, Nairn got his head broken by Indonesian fascists back in the day, protecting Amy Goodman, his fellow journalist who also has the requisite fearlessness. He doesn't report from DC or NYC and go back to his cushy, multi-million-dollar home in Georgetown or the Upper East Side. Sorta makes the diff, ya know?