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Noam Chomsky on Using Activism to Confront Climate Change (Recorded May 2014)

MediaLens: How to Be a Reliable "Mainstream" Journalist

MediaLens is a very fine media-analysis organization basically run by two guys who just doggedly apply the Propaganda Model to selected stories or general trends. More info here and here.

Here's a link to this very good piece.

And here's a picture of a typically reliable mainstream journalist, picked at random.

How Fraud Corrodes Weak Market Regulations Governed by Market Fundamenta...

Ralph Nader: Destroying the Myths of Market Fundamentalism

Quite important. Market fundamentalism plays a role in our society not unlike that of Catholic dogma in medieval Europe: it's the unquestioned set of presumptions and assumptions that just about all share, even including (the vast majority of) supposed (and real) dissenters.

It's way more than simple economic theory; the social, cultural, and moral accoutrements of neoliberalism--the constant hyper individualism, and much besides--simply aren't visible to most people. They're considered, simply and wrongly, truisms.

The blurb: "Market fundamentalism’s ideological tyranny is metastasizing, afflicting the young, silencing politicians and hoodwinking the media. Too few progressives have a handle on the powerful arguments that can be made to counter market fundamentalism. It’s time to confront the myths with compelling empirical reality that deconstructs and destroys the plutocratic hoax. A roundtable recorded at the Carnegie Institution of Washington DC, on October 19,…

The Doomsday Machine and Nuclear Winter - Daniel Ellsberg on RAI (11/12)

A Strategy of War Crimes, Killing Civilians to Win a War - Daniel Ellsbe...

Varoufakis: The euro and Steve Bannon's Fascist International--Oxford Union Address 16 Nov 18

These big, tough neofascists, let alone neoliberals, usually run like cowards from a person like Varoufakis, someone who can't be bullied or bribed, someone who comes correct with the facts and the interpretations, and doesn't need an invite to the Big Party of either the establishment or the rising fascist anti-establishment.

Varoufakis in full, but click here to see links to his own Oxford Union appearance:

On 17th October 2018, Valdis Dombrovskis, Vice President of the European Commission, addressed the Oxford Union in support of the motion that “the euro has never been stronger“. Today, Friday 16th November 2018, Steve Bannon is addressing the Oxford Union also. In between, on Wednesday 14th November 2018, I had the opportunity to also address the Oxford Union with the following message: The euro’s inane architecture caused and reinforced the colossal crisis in Europe -- which underpinned Brexit and begat fascist movements across the continent – the ones Mr Steve Bannon is n…

FAIR: Who, Us? Corporate Media Ignore Their Role in Trump’s Refugee ‘Invasion’ Panic

Extended quote follows; link to full piece at the end of this post:

If the establishment media’s coverage in the home stretch of the 2018 midterm elections is any kind of prologue to 2020, be prepared for an avalanche of right-wing xenophobic propaganda during our next presidential election. That’s because, once again, the political press dutifully chased Trump’s rhetorical tail as Election Day neared, and repeatedly ceded its editorial judgment and newshole to the nativist fearmongering he used to stoke the Republican Party’s base. And nowhere was this fecklessness more apparent than media’s breathless “migrant caravan” coverage. Left-wing media critics documented these failures almost in real time. Joshua Holland at The Nation (10/25/18) noted in late October how Trump was all but acting as the de facto segment producer for all those ubiquitous cable news panel shows that were spending all their time discussing a few thousand asylum seekers that were more than a thousand miles from th…

NYT Investigation: How Facebook Used A Republican Firm to Attack Critics...

“The New York Times investigation reveals that Facebook hired the Republican opposition-research firm Definers Public Affairs to discredit critics of Facebook, linking them to the billionaire liberal donor George Soros. Facebook also allegedly lobbied the Anti-Defamation League to condemn criticism of the company as anti-Semitic.” 
So, Zuckerberg and Sandberg, both Jews, were happy to cozy up to an oppo research firm that led with an antisemitic trope to cover their fucking asses, while trying to get the ADL to accuse their critics of being antisemitic.
Here's the NYT investigation.
No, that won't make much of an impression on many Lean-In-ers or supposedly progressive tech nerds who are appalled by Trump's flirtations with antisemitism--or at least not nearly to the same degree.

That, too, normalizes rising antisemitism. To say nothing of the fact, noted by those self-hating antisemites Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein, that crying wolf will backfire if and when the wolve…

Aviva Chomsky: ICE Holds Record Number of Immigrants, Including 14,000 Children

Marc Steiner: Welcome to The Real News Network. I’m Marc Steiner. It’s great having you with us.

Immigration was an important issue in this last election. It remains so now. The first group among several caravans of Honduran and Central American people are now camped out in Tijuana, right by the U.S. border. Trump has sent down thousands of American troops to that border at a cost of at least $200 million. We’re incarcerating more people now than ever before, over 44,000 people at last count. Over half of those incarcerated have been in custody for over two years, many with no deportation, nor hearings, nor court dates. People are arrested and often shipped thousands of miles away from where they were arrested; away from their families and any legal assistance they were used to. More than 14,000 children are being held alone without their parents, or having been separated from their parents. The conditions in many of those facilities where immigrants are being detained have been report…

Democracy in Europe Movement 2025's (DiEM25) progressive plan for Europe

Below is a playlist that contains two recently excerpted short segments of a three-hour meeting and video which comes last in the playlist.

Read all about DiEM25's plan for Europe, which should be stolen and altered to local needs by American progressives right now, here. Moreover, global problems, whether climate or war or simply the global economy, must have global solutions. Fascists are rapidly coordinating across the globe. We have to as well.

Whoopi Goldberg Attacks Justice Democrats

What's important here is that this kind of almost-entirely-bullshit seems to work on extremely smart, well-educated Democrats, whatever you think of Goldberg. (I think she's plenty smart, myself; you can't be that funny and also be dumb.)

These people, most annoyingly, are almost entirely ignorant of really-existing policy, how power works, what the real stakes are, and basically how to do politics. Degrees up the ass to no avail, except of course to further reinforce their bedrock belief that they are superior in all thinkable ways to the morons.

Well, I have two Ivy League degrees. I grew up with and around such people. They are at least as blind, and with far less excuse, than the people they consider stupid flyover morons who are easily led by the nose.

Try telling any of them that, in any way (polite or not). You'll catch a faceful of narcissistic rage. And, yes, Virginia, the MAGA crew knows that, and loves to troll them.

There's really no discussion: isolate…

US Dept of Defense Failed Audit While Spending $5.9 Trillion Since 9/11

Here’s the Brown U site, Costs of War, and here’s the calculation.

The Discovery That Should Have Changed the Cold War - Daniel Ellsberg on...

David Harvey on the History of Neoliberalism, Nov 2018