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Nathan Robinson on Sanders 2020: We're Going To Win, Current Affairs

Well, yes, that's obviously cheerleading. But the American left hasn't been in this kind of position since, as he notes, probably 1908.

And that's just when the latte-sippers bail. Fuck 'em. They're not on the left: they're socially liberal Republicans. They'll never support Sanders, even if he's the nominee. Count on it.

Dig the article.

Jonathan Pie: The Extinction Rebellion


Does The Center for American Progress Want to Stop Progressives In 2020?

FAIR: ‘Purity Tests’: How Corporate Media Describe Progressives Standing Up for Principles

"The key term, here, is, 'purity test.'"--Alvy Singer.


How pro-Brexit group Leave.EU faked migrant footage

You'll see more and more of this, an old mode made hyper-powerful by CGI and social media distribution.

Takes years to undo. Channel 4 just put it up.

Meagan Day, Jacobin: "Bernie 1, Fox 0"

Here is some astute politics from a fucking retarded member of the Professional Left who is typically lost in a utopian haze, barely making out the shadows on the wall, let alone the Light outside the cave.

You know: a typical lefty fool with more brains in her pinky finger (left, not right) than Alterman and Brooks and all the rest put together.

Read. Then go give yet more money, time, and effort to Sanders' campaign. Right here.

A Message From the Future With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Greyzone: The Making of Juan Guaidó: How the US Regime Change Laboratory Created Venezuela’s Coup Leader

Or, as my headline might go, "The Making of Venezuela's Pete Buttigeg: [etc]." The article.

No, darling, that's a reference to the conscious construction of a candidate designed to beat back progressive, well, progress. I am not saying Mayor Pete and Gauidó are "the same" in any other sense.

As in:

The discussion about Mr. Sanders has to date been largely confined to private settings because — like establishment Republicans in 2016 — Democrats are uneasy about elevating him or alienating his supporters. The matter of What To Do About Bernie and the larger imperative of party unity has, for example, hovered over a series of previously undisclosed Democratic dinners in New York and Washington organized by the longtime party financier Bernard Schwartz. The gatherings have included scores from the moderate or center-left wing of the party, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi; Senator Chuck Schumer, the minority leader; former Gov. Terry McAuliffe of Virginia; Mayor Pete…

Pompeo is "Setting the Stage for a War with Iran"

This will be a key part of Trump's re-election campaign, of course, and it won't be hard to pivot off of, except insofar as the Chuck Schumers of the world will cheer it on. And bash Sanders, et al, for not getting on board with the latest war of aggression based on horseshit launched by Schumer's supposed political opponents.

Fucking clean the stables.

Adam Johnson, FAIR: "Maybe Rich Liberals Don’t Hate Sanders Because They Fear He Can’t Win, But Because They’re Rich"

Certainly my view, but this underestimates just how brainwashed, confused, willfully ignorant, and doublethinkingly irrational the Clintonista-worshipping latte-sippers are. 

I mean, they don’t actually know much about policy, ideology, history, actual politics outside of PR focus groups, and all the rest. They’re perfect neoliberals: politics is “out there,” a kind of “advertising quality” you adopt for your personal brand. 

You know, the kind of people who make their decisions on whom to support in a primary based entirely on things like "generation." We can't have any more Boomers, now, you see. Why? Cuz they're boomers!

There is no "why" in PRLand.

The article.

Media Lens: Assange Arrest, Part 1: "So Now He's Our Property."

From the usually great Media Lens, a UK outfit much like FAIR in the US that analyzes media framing and other associated bullshit-PR tactics.

Here's the piece.

In honor of Notre-Dame: Orson Welles on Chartres, F for Fake, 1974

On Contact: Assange with Vijay Prashad

So...the Catholic Church can't sell some artworks and pay for Notre Dame's reconstruction?

To say nothing about the state of France, which is hardly, like, "poor." No, cap in hand to squeeze yet more funds out of people. Not as an ancillary; that's the plan. You all fucking pay for it.

What, the Church needs to keep as much money as possible for the endless trials covering up a global child-abuse network? Is that it?

I mean, Ratzburger, or whatever his name was—Pope Nazi—just said again that the fault lay in the 1960s sexual revolution.

That makes sense. You no doubt recall that the key aspect of the sixties sexual revolution was using a religion and its institutions to rape children and cover it up. It was pretty much the point; the song was “Let's Get Some Children and Use Their Religion to Sodomize them and Cover It Up.” 

You probably heard it differently—but soon you’ll be attacked with Sexual Revolution Ebola, and it’ll reprogram your neurons. 

It's all PR after all, right! Yay--fuck facts!

Is Russian 'Meddling' an Attack on America? - RAI with Stephen Cohen

A terrible day.

Wikipedia on Notre Dame.
Donate to restoration fund here.

Glenn Greenwald: Chelsea Manning’s Refusal to Testify Against WikiLeaks Will Help Save Press Freedom

From March of this year. My reaction, post-Assange arrest: 

Exactly how far will Democrats go toward insane, McCarthyite red-baiting and antisemitism-smearing, while helping actual fascists destroy the very possibility of journalism that matters, just to cover up for their own policy failures and the electoral disaster in 2016? Which is as yet unexplained by anything as mundane and unsexy as "reasons in the real world." That cannot be allowed.

But, I mean, is the idea that we have to successfully out-triangulate the fascists by adopting fascism in order to save the country from fascism? 

Which is to say, to protect the 30,000 or so Democratic hacks so they can keep their rice bowls and gravy trains and all the rest of the gutter-trough metaphorical armory? 

That’s the priority? Really?

And few latte-sippers can see it—

“Please, make the possibility of a decent life EVEN LESS LIKELY for the children I profess, every five seconds, to love so much—Ashley! Drop that rattle and get bac…

Allan Nairn: Indonesian General Tied to Mass Killings Plots to Arrest Critics If He Wins Presidency

Trump's next ally--and model? Another fucking fascist.

Nairn's blog post. Check here for a transcript of the video segment below.

"Stunning and Revealing" - DCCC Demands Loyalty Oath From Political Consultants

All you need to know: the sclerotic, corrupt shills who run the party don't think they can actually win in a fair fight.

Viz: "I think that the Progressives are showing that they don’t need the corporate money, that they can get online small donations from lots of donors, and that scares the hell out of the leadership of the Democratic Party, which has relied so heavily on corporate donors. There’s a civil war going on in the Democratic Party and the progressive candidates and politicians are with the base. And the corporate Democrats are increasingly isolated and fearful."

That's it. That's all you need to know. It's what the C-level executive I know here in RI--last saw her at a "Resistance" demo--wanted: zero democracy.

These fucking bottom-of-the-barrel hacks are incompetent fucking frauds, cowards, bullies, and, basically, in general, scum.

That you still fall for it is indicative of your deep religious belief, at best: "Mommy and Daddy we…

Branko Marcetic, Jacobin: The Next Woodward and Bernstein Could Go to Jail

The all-important lede: "With the Julian Assange indictment, the Trump administration is launching its boldest attack on press freedom yet. And the #Resistance is cheering it on."

More here:

It’s worth taking a moment to consider the absurdity of the situation. Trump, who for years has been accused of being a Russian asset working in concert with Assange and WikiLeaks, prepared and filed secret criminal charges against Assange that are now finally unveiled. Meanwhile, for more than two years, the US media and the anti-Trump “Resistance” have been fretting about Trump attacking press freedoms and holding up the press as the last barrier standing between American democracy and full-blown autocracy, rightly cheering on as journalists obtained confidential, damaging information about the administration from high-level sources within the government. Now some prominent members of both groups are actually cheering as Trump prepares to try and criminalize the practice of journalism. So…

What does Julian face in the US? Chris Hedges explains #FreeAssange

The Martyrdom of Julian Assange, Chris Hedges

The UK's Ilhan Omar gives you all a preview of how every progressive will be slimed

Coming soon: Bernie's a self-hater who hates the Jews.

And no one fucking cares about crying wolf on antisemitism, as actual antisemitism surges. And I'm antisemitic for pointing that out.

They're all cunts, frankly. Yes, now I'm "sexist," too--the latte-sipping morons literally make me sicker than the Trumpers.

Charles Glass: Julian Assange Languishes in Prison as His Journalistic Collaborators Brandish their Prizes

These are the scum trying to thought-lead you. And you just nod and smile, entirely secure in the knowledge that you can't be fooled, no, not you.

The article.

"16th-century fresco from Tarzhishte Monastery, Strupets, Bulgaria, showing Judas hanging himself as described in Matthew 27:1–10."

Assange Indictment: A Threat to the Foundation of US Democracy?