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Chomsky on the Democrats and the Republicans, April, 2019: One question, one answer; all you need to know

AMYGOODMAN: Can you share your analysis of President Trump? You have lived through so many presidents. Explain President Trump to us and assess the massive response to him. NOAMCHOMSKY: Well, Trump is—you know, I think there are a number of illusions about Trump. If you take a look at the Trump phenomenon, it’s not very surprising. Think back for the last 10 or 15 years over Republican Party primaries, and remember what happened during the primaries. Each primary, when some candidate rose from the base, they were so outlandish that the Republican establishment tried to crush them and succeeded in doing it—Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Rick Santorum. Anyone who was coming out of the base was totally unacceptable to the establishment. The change in 2016 is they couldn’t crush him. But the interesting question is: Why was this happening? Why, in election after election, was the voting base producing a candidate utterly intolerable to the establishment? And the answer to that is—if you th…

Oye Como Va, Tito Puente

This is pretty much the greatest song ever. When that horn comes on top...holy Christ.

Renegade Inc: Full Marx - Has Karl had the last laugh?

Liza Featherstone, Jacobin: Warren Is No Hillary. She’s Also No Bernie.

Some sanity. If I catch any Bernie supporters trashing Warren, they get shot down. Warren supporters should do the same. Should, but won't, just as most Sanders supporters won't, because people are irresponsible idiots who flock to identity-based, narcissistic horseshit like flies to the previous noun.

Can anyone not be a fucking idiot, for, like, two seconds in a row? Just about every Thought-Leading op-ed writer is a professional liar and propagandist. There are very few exceptions: and I include most of those on "my side."

Featherstone, however, is absolutely first-rate; read the whole thing, but here's the intro:

Elizabeth Warren is not a neoliberal.
Characterizing Warren as a “neoliberal” or, even more stupidly, a “Clintonite,” some misguided online Bernie Sanders supporters seem to be trying to cast her as the archvillain in the sequel to 2016’s horror flop, Hillary. With Warren’s advocacy for aggressive government regulation, her support for redistributive p…

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists on Pompeo: Hooray, the Arctic is melting! Say WHAT?

Look, if you're either a Trump supporter or "apolitical" or too much of a selfish asshole to do anything to stop Trump and Trumpism, even in the face of shit like this, do your kids (nieces, nephews, whatever) a favor by going into their rooms and shooting them.

Since you're killing them already, why not end it cleanly, like you would for a dog on the side of the road, even? Don't let them suffer through what you're bringing about, by action or inaction.

Truth hurts, but will set you free.

PS: To any dipshit out there who doesn't know what "satire" is -- and, boy, do they exist, and in direct proportion to how on-target the satire is (ignorance instantly blooms by some massive coincidence, no doubt Jungian) -- um, no, moron(s), I am not literally suggesting that people shoot their children, nieces, and nephews. And Swift didn't actually want the Irish to eat the excess babies, either. As you fucking well know.

You understand now? Oh, goody.


ProPublica/Wired: Aggression Detectors: The Unproven, Invasive Surveillance Technology Schools Are Using to Monitor Students

More totalitarian hysteria. Note that the audio-file links didn't survive pasting; go the original to hear:

In the wake of the shooting at a Parkland, Florida, high school and other massacres, U.S. schools are increasingly receptive to such pitches. Congress approved more than $25 million for school security improvements last year, and one analyst expects new technology could augment the $2.7 billion market for education security products. Besides Sound Intelligence, South Korea-based Hanwha Techwin, formerly part of Samsung, makes a similar “scream detection” product that’s been installed in American schools. U.K.-based Audio Analytic used to sell its aggression- and gunshot-detection software to customers in Europe and the U.S., including Cisco Systems Inc.’s professional security division. However, an Audio Analytic spokesman told ProPublica that it has since changed its business model and stopped selling the aggression detector software. By deploying surveillance technology in…

Full interview: Bernie Sanders on "Face the Nation"

Sunrise Sits In at DNC Headquarters, Demanding Climate Debate

Capitalist Workplaces Set Bosses Up to Be Authoritarian Tyrants


Long before the growing interest in economic inequality facing contemporary capitalist societies, radical thinkers and unionorganizers were concerned about the authoritarian governance in workplaces. Unfortunately, this concern seems to have taken a back seat in political philosophy during the present era. Elizabeth S. Anderson, a professor of philosophy and women’s studies at the University of Michigan, is seeking to remedy this with her trenchant analyses of the coercive and hierarchical nature of capitalist firms and corporations. Her book Private Government offers an important reminder that bosses tend to be dictators and that workers’ lives are essentially at the mercy of private government.

Read the rest here.

Nuclear War: What would you choose? Live or die?

Yes, at least a third of Americans are fucking Nazi scum: The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists on a Stanford survey of Americans on North Korea

I'll put in bold what I am emphasizing from this message from an email I just got:
I’d like to call your attention to an important article we’ve just published from the July/August issue of the subscription magazine: “What do Americans really think about conflict with nuclear North Korea? The answer is both reassuring and disturbing.” The article is free-access for two months.

Written by Stanford University experts Alida Haworth, Scott Sagan, and Benjamin Valentino, this piece reviews the results of a public opinion survey conducted this year that examines American attitudes toward a proposed preemptive war against North Korea. Some of the findings: Most Americans do not want the United States to launch a preventive war against North Korea.But a large, hawkish minority—about a third of respondents—approves of a US preventive strike across scenarios—even when US use of nuclear weapons could be expected to kill 1 million North Korean civilians.Americans are deeply misinformed about US o…

Why it doesn't much matter if Ashley can code or get into Harvard: ‘Climate apartheid’: UN expert says human rights may not survive

The world is increasingly at risk of “climate apartheid”, where the rich pay to escape heat and hunger caused by the escalating climate crisis while the rest of the world suffers, a report from a UN human rights expert has said. Philip Alston, UN special rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, said the impacts of global heating are likely to undermine not only basic rights to life, water, food, and housing for hundreds of millions of people, but also democracy and the rule of law. Alston is critical of the “patently inadequate” steps taken by the UN itself, countries, NGOs and businesses, saying they are “entirely disproportionate to the urgency and magnitude of the threat”. His report to the UN human rights council (HRC) concludes: “Human rights might not survive the coming upheaval.”

The report also condemns Donald Trump for “actively silencing” climate science, and criticises the Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, for promising to open up the Amazon rainforest to mining. But…

Scary Fast: How hypersonic missiles are touching off a new global arms race

A joint investigation by the New York Times and the Center for Public Integrity.

Or, just call it, "the final nail in the coffin," which is actually too optimistic: it's almost certainly an extra nail.

Neat trick: "Iran ‘Violates’ Nuclear Deal, After US ‘Withdraws’" Hmmmm...

At this point, my view is, if this even surprises you, you're a fucking idiot. Harsh, I know, but that's the deal.

You really have to be a serious latte-sipper to miss the point, but they do. They always do. As badly as the Trump folks, whom at least half the 'sippers are getting ready to join. Two particularly weak and damaged former progressives I knew in college have already gone Trump to compensate for the emptiness inside. It's catching if you have the pre-existing condition.