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From 2010: How Dems Allowed the Tea Party to Rebrand the GOP

"No one could possibly have known or predicted," part n in an infinite series.

Well, no one but Paul Jay and about umpteen million people across the country and world. As Chomsky's said many times, it takes a real education to be able to miss what's right in front of your face.

Dylan Thomas reads "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night"

If progressives had any guts, this would be their mantra. Fuck "hope"--by which most people mean "guarantees of a happy ending"--this is all you need.

“How Fascism Works”: Jason Stanley On Trump, Bolsonaro and the Rise of F...

Paco de Lucía & Al Di Meola - Mediterranean Sundance

Mark Blyth on "Story in the Public Square": A Political Economist with a Funny, "Populist" Attitude

Go find and read or watch every single thing of his you can find. Right now. Why are you still reading this and not googling his name?

Capitalism will eat democracy -- unless we speak up | Yanis Varoufakis

Brilliant. When you're not full of shit, you can actually give a "TED talk"--ie, "make a speech"--that is truly illuminating. Varoufakis may be the world's most useful citizen.

Michael Mann: We Are Even Closer To Climate Disaster Than IPCC Predicts

Continue shopping! It's all a big Chinese hoax! Dig this lie:

"In fact, even this report is overly conservative, as these IPCC reports often are. It turns out that in some ways this latest report has actually understated the amount of warming that we’ve already experienced because of the burning of fossil fuels and the increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. And so arguably we are actually closer to those 1.5 degrees Celsius and 2.0 Celsius thresholds, temperature thresholds, that are discussed in the report. We’re probably closer to them than the report implies. We probably have less carbon left to burn if we are to avoid crossing those thresholds."

More antiscientific bullshit, unlike what Rush Limbaugh tells you, can be found in the report ("The Truth About Climate Change") noted in the segment.

Hillary Clinton Is Right: You Don't Play Civil-Footsies with a Party that Supports This

Here's the headline: "AP Investigation: Deported parents may lose kids to adoption."

Link here
These people are morally lost--they're fascists, plain and simple. The plain and simple meaning of the term, gleaned from long experience in the 20th century. Not an insult; not a "boo-word," and not outrage-inducing for its own sake. Read this one article (you won't) and judge for yourself: "The Five Stages of Fascism," Robert Paxton.

Go ahead--read it. I promise you there's a cute cat picture at the end, and you won't believe what happens next!!!!!!
It's just the fact of the matter, and this is just one aspect of the proof thereof.

Yeah, fellow lefties, I know all about Hillary, Obama, the 2.5m deportations under Obama, and all the rest. I get it. I get how neoliberal Democrats helped open up the political space for a Trump. I get it all--and this is still worse, even if Jimmy Dore, that epic fool I choose from many to stand for the u…

Robert Fisk on the Death of English

Pretty much on point, one has to admit, whatever quibblings may obtain.

Here's the link, and it's worth reading alongside Henry Giroux's recent piece here and Orwell's classic "Politics and the English Language." Ya can't say we weren't warned. ("Doug, I don't even read blogs, and I tuned out after I read the first sentence here. Now I'm off to my Yale reunion.")

If reading any of these articles is too much for you, rest assured that I'll be putting up an edutainment-spiked, interactive PowerPoint that covers the main points with a bunch of awesomesauce cat photos--and you won't believe what happens next!!!!

IPCC's New Climate Report: We Could See Irreparable Damage by 2040

Here’s the NYT on this report. Here’s the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists.

As for the interview above, this very nice lady is fooling herself—local efforts won’t do it. Go large and loud is the only hope, if “hope” we need.