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Laura Ingraham, Steve King (R-Iowa): Pretty much xenophobic, racist fascists

Yep. Sorry -- if you like them, you're scum, too. I don't care if we grew up together or you're in my family or among my in-laws. That's the deal.

Hey, I ain't a liberal; I hate identity politics; I don't believe in safe spaces; and I'm neither an epistemological nor moral relativist, so, yes, I think people should take moral responsibility for their actions (and inactions) in the world.

So, those two -- and you -- are scumbag fascist garbage fit only to be politically defeated (and socially ostracized). Not coddled; not "understood"; not listened to. No.

What progressives should and would do if and when they win is actually fix whatever bit of this neofascist orgy is economically based or driven. Which should shave off a bit of it.

The rest of you? Literally couldn't care less about you except insofar as you're a problem to be solved.

And many liberals and "centrists" will read that and start to cry. OK, fine, you go compromise …

Bingo: Politico Spreads FAKE NEWS About Bernie Sanders

Conclusion: Politico's terrified of a second Sanders run. Watch them wet themselves here.

Ages of various people mentioned in the segment above:

Sanders: 77; born 9/8/41Biden: 75; born 11/20/42Warren: 69; born 6/22/49
Oh, and by the way: Trump: 72; born 6/14/46.

Is age an issue, perhaps? Sure. Sanders will need a very strong, good-on-day-one VP, is what it amounts to, as well as a very detailed publicly released medical profile.

Other than that, let's talk policy. Oh, wait--Politico can't do that as its views are way off from those of the Democratic base, so they'll just try to manufacture some dissent.

Paul Jay on the US-Saudi ‘Special Relationship’

Interviewed for an hour by Ben Norton; from a live stream so a bit live-streamish, but this is, after all, the Real News Network. So bear with it.

The Forward is doing excellent journalism on "The Canary Mission," a far-right smear-site connected to liberal Jewish donor organizations

The Forward, of course, is staffed by self-hating Jewish antisemites, just like me, which is why I like this series. Ever since 1897, all they've done is hurt the Jews.

And that semi-satirical sarcasm is not too far off from what really existing political discourse is in the US: who can most successfully broadcast the stupidest, most knee-jerk, narcissistic, hyper-sub-marketed identity-politics bullshit to the greatest number of braindead, suicidally ignorant consumer-drones.

This is known as "democracy." Just as the fact that supposedly liberal Jewish organizations are funding these McCarthyite yahoos, along with a host of other far-right organizations, is "liberalism."

See where endless identity-leg-humping gets you? Smack in the middle of the far-right. Something for the essentialist identitarians on the left to, like, you know, consider. And shit. Which of course means I hate trans people and frankly every possible subaltern imaginable. QED.

Anyway, read up…

Happy Halloween! -- Horror of Dracula, 1958, with Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee

Don't say this blog never gave you anything. And go pay for a rental of the restored, high-def version of this great horror film on iTunes or something, since you've seen it for free...or choose to become one of the undead, because Hammer's got some pretty freaky lawyers, I hear. They enforce copyright beyond the grave.

Horror Of Dracula,1958. from Bella Plume™ on Vimeo.

And here's a neat playlist of stuff from the Tube of You on the history of Hammer Studios.

Trumpful Realism?

This is sick. Trump makes himself and fucking Lincoln the center of attention, with Lincoln’s face unseen, like Muhammad’s, but gazing clearly at Trump. Everyone else crowds in to bask in their dual glow. 

Yet Trump’s literally above Lincoln in the composition. Sickening. And the vague 19thC background…with a woman, oddly smack in the sweet spot—and not a dusky one to be seen. Reactionary Thomas Hart Benton?

Where’s Hoover? (He's nearly hiding behind the post.) It's all obviously about proximity to power and greatness. I read that the artist, who made an equally disgusting Democratic version, put the woman in both, marching up to the table. Which pretty much is the alpha and omega of feminism to most latte-sippers, a trait they share with the Trumpian fascists happy to see Sarah Palin, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Susan Collins, Betsy De Vos, you name 'em on the fascism train. One of the leaders of the fascists in Germany (AfD) is a fucking lesbian after all

Maybe liberals shoul…

Khashoggi Picked the Wrong Prince

It’s all cheap entertainment, I think, "really-existing journalism," with a few exceptions: White Hat, Black Hat, have at the Janus-faced outrage machine. Analysis means you’re with the terrorists, but here's some frame-broadening analysis of something other than personalities and intrigue.

From 2013: Noam Chomsky "On Western Terrorism" Interview

Always useful to look in the mirror. Unpopular and utterly necessary, in personal and political life. In life, basically.

From 2015: Yanis Varoufakis | Full Address & Q&A | Oxford Union