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Arms Races Increase Atomic Arsenals, Raising the Risk of Nuclear Winter

Truman Delayed End of WWII to Demonstrate Nuclear Weapons - Daniel Ellsb...

Glenn Greenwald on Bolsonaro's Victory, Democracy Now

In two parts:

Part 1: Brazil Has Elected “Most Extremist Leader in the Democratic World”
Part 2: Democratic Values & Human Rights Are At Risk in Brazil

I understand and agree with Greenwald's explanation of why non-rich people, or really anyone, voted for Bolsonaro, but there is a ton of personal responsibility to go around: each and every person who voted for Bolsonaro out of "desperation" (or even, desperation) fucked up royally, and for every one who did, there's at least 0.7 who didn't. 

Like, somehow, my not-all-that-unracist, high-school educated, now passed-on father-in-law took one look at Trump and said, Fuck no. Ditto my aunt-in-law. So, if others fell for it, that's on them. As my wife said, supporting Trump is a character flaw, and that's exactly correct.

So, both/and: it's both the fault of each and every voter for the far-right this past decade or more, and it's also true, at the populational, historical level, that neoliberalism bree…

Natasha Lennard, Spot On: "After Last Week, There’s No Hope That the Media Will Ever Abandon False Equivalencies With the Far Right"

Lennard's excellent points--and I disagree with her on her radical-chic antifa-tactics-humping, mind you, which is a fucking gift to the far-right--can be read here.

I noticed it, too--it's impossible not to notice, which is why many people, usually latte-sippers, miss it. They're addicted to both-sides-ism and something called "civility," which apparently means "being a total fucking coward in the face of neofascism."

As Cenk Uygur points out with no mercy in a previous post. To eight people in the room at the National Press Club, which is telling. Those pussies can't even sit there and listen to a critique of their wonderful selves and wonderful institutions.

The "journalists" who engage in it, I expect to do so. That people buy it, I should expect, and do, but decry, even moreso than in the journo-whores who bleat this shit out. The journos are usually just stupid. Literally, just dumb, as well as cowardly careerists. What's our exc…

Cenk Uygur of the The Young Turks on Digital Media and the Progressive M...

Hitler Wouldn’t Risk Doomsday, But The United States Did  - Daniel Ellsb...

Pretty amazing claim; not sure how solid it is. [EDIT: It's shaky: based on the memoirs of an unrepentant SS officer and comments by Speer. Might well be true; might not. Would need further verification, if possible. Till then, the point is what we know what the Americans' risk analysis was, whatever the case with the Nazi view on the development or use of nuclear weapons.]

PAUL JAY:[...]The beginnings of the American nuclear weapons program was based on the intelligence that the Nazis, Germany was developing the bomb themselves, and it became this great race.  DANIEL ELLSBERG:Wait, not intelligence. Essentially assumption. It was a plausible assumption, but there was no direct intelligence on it, really, at all. It was quite plausible, because it was German scientists who had first discovered the fission of uranium in 1938, late in 1938, and German scientists who realized that this was, in fact, fissioning of uranium at that point. And the German scientists were, in general, so…

Trending Globally: Mark Blyth and Jim Green talk Brazilian election results

The YouTube link below is part three, recorded after the election. Here are the first two parts, recorded prior to the election:

Part 1

Part 2

Yanis Varoufakis on Europe and the Left

It's in English, even with English subtitles along with the English. This Jung & Naiv show is pretty good. Far more serious than, say, CNN.

Is Donald Trump an Anti-Semite?

Uh, yeah, he is, as Mehdi Hasan accurately concludes. No shit. And a racist xenophobe, too. No shit.

Who gives a rat's ass what his fanbots think? What matters is that those who aren't Trump fanbots get this, and fast, discarding all Trump and Trumpers's double talk, lip service, and fucking gaslighting.

Another triumph: "Humanity has wiped out 60% of animal populations since 1970, report finds"

Humans are so impressively brilliant that we haven't even learned not to shit where we eat. What an impressive species! How noble in action!
Humanity has wiped out 60% of mammals, birds, fish and reptiles since 1970, leading the world’s foremost experts to warn that the annihilation of wildlife is now an emergency that threatens civilisation.The new estimate of the massacre of wildlife is made in a major report produced by WWF and involving 59 scientists from across the globe. It finds that the vast and growing consumption of food and resources by the global population is destroying the web of life, billions of years in the making, upon which human society ultimately depends for clean air, water and everything else.“We are sleepwalking towards the edge of a cliff” said Mike Barrett, executive director of science and conservation at WWF. “If there was a 60% decline in the human population, that would be equivalent to emptying North America, South America, Africa, Europe, China and O…

The Pittsburgh Massacre and Growing Fascism

And here's Timothy Snyder, who is merely an expert on 20th-C European totalitarianism and thus a "fake historian," on some more specifics.

Yeah, I know: to call fascism fascism is to be fascist. If that kind of grade-school, no-I'm-not-you-are gaslighting just grinds you to a halt, as intended, then you might well be part of the problem.

"Oh, golly gee! These people are monsters, but I might have one hair askew on my head--it's all the same!"

Trump Admin Purposely Dumping More Migrants than Usual on the Streets to Create the Impression of an "Invasion"

They are fucking Nazis. Simple as that:

THEY BEGAN SHOWING up the first weekend of October, hundreds of immigrant families deposited in Yuma and Tucson, Arizona. They came, almost entirely, from Central America, some seeking asylum, some seeking work, all hoping for a better life in the United States. They were parents with children of all ages. Some of the women were pregnant. Advocates on the ground in the Sonoran Desert had seen a version of this before. In 2014, amid a record influx of unaccompanied Central American children and families arriving at the border, the Border Patrol dumped more than 400 people at bus stations in Tucson and Phoenix in a single week. The practice went on for months, and it fell to churches, immigration advocates, and humanitarian volunteers to scoop up the men, women, and children left on the street with no place to go. And so when the drop-offs started up again over Columbus Day weekend, southern Arizona’s immigration advocacy community knew what to do.…

Donate to the Organization that Sent that Racist Pittsburgh Fucknut Around the Bend

Had never heard of it; used to be the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society. It's now just an acronym since Jews have tended not to be refugees since World War II. But the organization kept it up--for non-Jews.

What a bunch of selfish assholes, I know. "Welcome the stranger; protect the refugee." Yeah, awful stuff--very un-Christian, too! Well, you know how those people are. You know--pushy. Hey, I'm just saying out loud what everyone thinks!

Donate here.

Meanwhile, this guy, Stephen Miller's uncle, nails it: this shit is pure Nazism. That's right: N-A-Z-I-S-M. The full transcripts to this segment and the next one aren't up yet, but this just about covers what you need to hear:

We also speak with Dr. David Glosser, a retired neuropsychologist who has volunteered with HIAS in Philadelphia. Glosser is the uncle of Stephen Miller, a key political adviser to President Trump who has pushed for a crackdown on immigrants. Glosser speaks directly to his [nephew; sic] Stephen …

Elections Have Consequences: Armageddon Version

"What Jair Bolsonaro’s Victory Could Mean for the Amazon, and the Planet"

The title of the article is being awfully hopeful with that helping verb. I think "will" is the right one--unless of course, we all do something about it.

The Doomsday Machine: The Big Lie of the Cold War - Daniel Ellsberg on R...

Blurb: "On Reality Asserts Itself, Daniel Ellsberg tells host Paul Jay that US intelligence agencies knew that Stalin was not planning to invade Western Europe or seek world domination, but based on the myth, the world came close to nuclear war - and it’s all happening again."

Here's an interview by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists.

Will post segments as they are published. This is pretty much the main issue, along with global warming.

And, uh, no, it's not "all Trump," though, as usual, he has made the bad worse.