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The Intercept: PHRMA Is Funding a Democratic Think Tank Trying to Derail Medicare For All

To go after Sanders...while the same people funding this, at least in the cohort-sense but possibly the actual literal people, are currently or soon to be serviced by a submissive, heavily rouged Biden, CAP in hand (pun intended), begging for a few bucks for his services like some streetwalker.

Yep. It's such a tough choice. Read.

You: "You crazy, hateful Bernie Bro! How dare you compare Biden to a whore?"


You're skeptical about the snips on that rightwing site? Good for you--if only you could apply such critical thinking to your own side, like perhaps the New York Times, let alone to the statements of your political masters.

I do my homework, unlike you: full discussion follows, and it's a good one, Biden not even aside. But Biden in 1974 is not Biden in 2019, and this is only one of eighteen trillion awkward videos out there the Trump campaign will weaponize. 

Being moron right-wingers, the WFB went for the gotchya when the entire context is much worse: it’s not …

Why Biden is the Worst Possible Fucking Choice: A Collection

Andrew Cockburn nails this walking disaster, who is, of course, beloved of the latte-sippers.

More here from Jacobin: the aptly titled, "Joe Biden Is a Disaster Waiting to Happen."

And more here: Joe Biden Is Hillary Clinton 2.0 — Democrats Would Be Mad to Nominate Him.

And more here: Joe Biden Launches Presidential Bid With Fundraiser Filled With Corporate Lobbyists and GOP Donors

"Doug, what the hell is your problem? Didn't you see him talk to that untermensch in the DC subway? He's so NICE! Who the fuck cares about his record, policy preferences, or anything else? Who cares he can't fucking put three words together without ramming a leg down his throat? We want to WIN!!!!!"

Shoutout: Bernie Crushes Fox Town Hall (TMBS 87)

Michael Brooks is well worth paying attention to. Very smart; gets it, in general.

Defend Your Class, Meagan Day, Jacobin. Or: Corporate-Climbing Ivy-League Spawn on CNN Have an Obvious Role

That second headline is mine. I went to those institutions; I know. With maybe three exceptions, every person I knew at Cornell or in the Ivy Feeder School I went to in West Hartford (at least the top fifty students thereof; a public high school, William H. Hall High School) is against Sanders. Every single one but maybe three, including me--of those, mind you, who went to a top-50 school, which is what I call "Ivy League or its equivalent."

They'll never change. It's not about reality; it's a pose, a socio-anthropological marker. What drives me nuts is they not only think they're utterly correct on every issue, they're also unbelievably patronizing about it. Without fail. And literally unteachable at any level. A totally and hermetically sealed world view that rivals that of Trumpers' or Christers' in hermetic-seal-age.

Who cares, though? I don't, much, though it infuriates me. And I'm not entirely sure why it would: it's entirely pre…

How Pete Buttigieg's Support Is Manufactured

Absofuckinglutely spot the fuck on.

It exasperates me to no end that grown-up people cannot see this kind of thing--Sanders entirely aside; presidential politics aside--for what it is. This PR bullshit fucking works every time. It's why we're finished--we'd rather be children amusing ourselves to death, wallowing in what we know is junk information and junk politics.

We don't give a fuck. Too much fun to gossip your way with zero knowledge through how "likable" each candidate is. These are the people who tell you that they, out there, all make political calls like this. No, "they" all don't: you do.

And people really do see this kind of move. It's not right to say people don't know; they do. They (us; we) purposely consume this garbage to stroke themselves, even though they know, for sure, that they are being manipulated. At one level of the doublethink, that is.

No one who knows me for more than ten minutes hasn't had this PR shit p…

Stiglitz: Capitalism is broken for most; Sanders and Warren want to fix it

Yes, Sanders and Warren are properly framed as saviors of capitalism. Neither, even Bernie, actually wants full-on socialism. Just FDR-ish, European social democracy. That's it. That's what's so "crazy" and "radical."

OECD Report: Rising Expenses and Stagnant Incomes Squeezes Middle Class Everywhere

Here's the video segment:

Here's the Executive Summary:

Over the past decade, the OECD has documented the evolution of inequalities in income and opportunities in details in a series of flagship publications, fromGrowing Unequal? (2008), toDivided we Stand (2011), toIn it Together (2015) and the latest release onThe Broken Social Elevator that focused on social mobility and showed that opportunities for low- and middle-income families to move up the ladder became limited over the past decades. The present report zooms in on themiddle classand sheds light on the multiple pressures this group faces.
Why focus on the middle class? The middle class used to be an aspiration. For many generations it meant the assurance of living in a comfortable house and affording a rewarding lifestyle, thanks to a stable job with career opportunities. It was also a basis from which families aspired to an even better future for their children. At the macro level, the presence of a strong and prosperou…

AOC talks 2020 election, giving up social media and why she supports Rep. Omar

Two more segments of Stephen Cohen's interview on The Real News


All five segments will eventually be viewable here, where the three now up are:

Hear The Bern Episode 1: Bernie Gets Personal

Dragged kicking and screaming, mind you, Bernie opens up a bit. I don't need it, myself; others apparently do.

‘You have a wallet, right?’: Rutger Bregman on his Davos moment, and taxation ‘hypocrisy’

From the excellent, and thus nearly unknown, International Consortium of Investigative Journalists. Read here.

Trump and Pelosi Both Cater to Private Health Insurance—Wendell Potter

Of course. This is one big reason why Pelosi dragged her feet on defending Omar. She's a fucking shill, that's why. And you fell for it, continue to fall for it, and will always fall for it. Because you're not fucking retarded members of the Professional Left: you're hard-bitten, hard-headed, anti-utopian Realists who are impervious to spin of any kind.

See, geniuses like you can't be spun -- by definition! And that's why you're all the easiest marks on earth. Unlike actual Trumpers, you bend your knee and pucker up even with all the knowledge, wealth, power, and every other advantage on earth. You're worse. You don't deny global warming; you accept it and do fucking zero to get anything done outside of you using LEDs so you can brag at the PTA meeting. You're worse.

I know: crazy mean mad antisemitic misogynist racist Bernie Bro.

Or, alternatively: this, this, and this. You're a genius; you can figure it out.

Mueller and a Dangerous Moment in Human History - Jay and Curry

The Real News continues to be one of the few places where you can hear both/all sides on Russia, Russiagate, etc.