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WHO: Ebola virus disease – Democratic Republic of the Congo

Meanwhile, this is happening. You can tell how much the media cares about it, as opposed to, say, some rich assholes bribing their kids' way into college.
Read. Oh, this outbreak has had a 66% fatality rate. No big deal. Nothing as worrisome as, say, whether Biden rubs shoulders too much.

CNN and MSNBC Pull the Same Bullshit on their Viewers in re: Sanders

Desperate, lying frauds, of course. The problem is, people will buy this, both those who are already Biden bots and lack the spine or integrity to question what sounds good and those who don't get what CNN and MSNBC are: as much wings of the centrist Democrats as Fox is of the Trump administration. The poll described below is effectively, if not literally, a push-poll.

Huh. Just sorta left out that the poll's population was skewed as fuck. Whoopsy-daisy!

Now, just out of some totally random coincidence, Maddow makes precisely the same kind of error talking about the gender breakdown of Sanders' individual donors. Just by accident, I'm sure, as you can't expect a Rhodes Scholar to, like, attend to details such as "this study reflects only donors of $200 or more; if you take into account individual donations of all sizes, Sanders is 46 female/54 male; and is also without a doubt the candidate the largest number of women have donated to, as a matter of pure magni…

Edgardo Lander on Venezuela, the coup attempt, Maduro, and lefty news coverage

A playlist consisting of a recent interview on The Real News, a recent debate on Democracy Now with a Venezuelan governmental representative, and an interview from a few months ago with The Real News about what Lander thought the way forward should be. He is, of course, anti-US (or anyone else's) intervention, but TRNN and DN (especially TRNN) insist on going beyond the usual two-camp-mentality-driven oversimplification of everything into two, and only two, mutually exclusive options, each of which expressed via emotionally potent oversimplifications designed to manufacture consent.

They, in other words, not only read, not only name-check, Manufacturing Consent -- they actually  followed its obvious advice. They didn't PR-weaponize it to use as a bludgeon against others while they go on their merry way, PR-weaponizing while calling it "journalism."

Never expect less; when you see less, you're being manipulated. Period.

No, it doesn't matter if you agree or n…

Barr Hearings on Mueller Report Display the Threat to Democracy

I agree with Pelosi on this one, but I'd go further: I'm sick and tired of people showing up to testify and not swearing in; showing up to testify, lying, and getting away with it; and not bothering to show up -- or send documents, etc. Trump White House, Obama's, anyone's.

Take it to the hoop on this one. Let's find out what kind of country we live in.

Economist Jeffrey Sachs: U.S. Sanctions Have Devastated Venezuela & Killed Over 40,000 Since 2017

Come on, latte-sipping Resistance Fighters! Repeat after me: "Jeffrey Sachs is clearly a Putin asset and agent, so I don't have to listen to this, or frankly to anything I don't want to hear. If you disagree, you're clearly a Putin asset and agent."

But let's take it easy on the latte-sippers: FAIR reported that anti-coup perspective showed up a grand total of zero (0) percent (%) of the time (time) in mainstream media, print and video alike.

I mean, how can these poor latte-sippers move forward if the NYT, WaPo, NPR, PBS NewsHour, MSNBC, and CNN blow off any contrary opinion?

And these latte-sippers can't possibly be expected to use some of their grey matter to, like, you know, maybe fucking question how it can possibly be that a free press can line up 100% for regime change. After Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Cambodia, Chile, Argentina, Italy...and on and on and on.

It's almost like MSM are stenographers of American Empire, even if some…

The Milk and Honey Report: Gaza's Economic Crisis Sends Territory Into Poverty and Chaos

I realize that it's now antisemitic to try to live up to the best Jewish moral tradition, whereas cozying up with actual Hungarian Nazis is peachy, but I'm self-hating like that.

Gaza is the largest prison on earth. It is a concentration camp, full stop, and Israel is well on its way to pulling off one of the biggest ironies in the irony-filled history of our species: step by step, well on the way to real fascism. They've already long since achieved apartheid.

So proud. So very proud.

Actually, "proud" is wrong: they have nothing to do with me and vice versa. Because we're all Jewish? Did I choose that? Nah, not into mystic chords of ethnic union beyond half-ironic joking about the spicey variety. I don't need unearned glory -- or shame. I can provide plenty of both myself.

And the truth is, it's not an irony. It's closer to inevitable that victims become perps. That's what people generally do -- in families or writ large, as peoples, nations.

Thousands Die, Millions Injured on the Job, and No Businesses Prosecuted

The reason both parties stay the hell away from real policy discussions in campaigns, and pretty much all the time, is because the population, even the Trumpers, are way, way, WAY to the left of those assholes. A huge percentage of Trumpers, if they could hear this and actually listen, would massively support sane changes to this insane, capital-friendly set of kill-'em-and-get-off-for-free policies.

Here's the AFL-CIO report.

Biden's Terrible, No Good Presidential Campaign Flops Out The Gate

Great stuff.

FAIR: Zero Percent of Elite Commentators Oppose Regime Change in Venezuela

Why bother to have official, top-down, Soviet- or Nazi-style press control when you can have far better: voluntary poodledom, across the board, with not one fucking contrary opinion allowed in? That's the best propaganda of all.

But I thought that the #Resistance™ was ready to stand up to Trump, regime change, and other associated evils?

I guess those elites know better than us morons, as per usual. I'm sure they have nothing but the spread of Jeffersonian democracy uppermost in their minds--I mean, c'mon, I don't need to reveal the basic history of US-Latin American history, lo, these past two centuries to such massively educated people as the latte-sippers, right?

And so on; read

This was written by a fucking college-kid/intern. Nicely done...but no self-respecting, self-glorifying, self-aggrandizing latte-sipper need ever learn anything from anyone other than Fareed Zakaria.

"He make smart-smart on TV, Doug! Why you no see his smart-smart. Almost like Mayor Pete S…

Gave another c-note to Bernie; puns...many, many puns...follow:

Just post-Biden-launch; this won’t be a regular habit on top of the c-note a month we’re throwing down now. And also because a funeral prevented me from doing my Bernie launch party, sadly. 

Meanwhile, I’m just Biden my time till Joe flames out, despite near-complete elite backing, which, if you care about reality and policy responses to reality as opposed to elite gravy trains, is totally un-Warren-ted. He will MayorPeter out, I think and hope, despite being presented as un-Beto-ble. 
I find it utterly Hillary-ous that the establishment Democrats are pretending, as they nibble their nails down to bloody stubs in private, that Senator Credit Card-Iraq War-Crime Bill-Fleshrubbing-Gaffe-Machine is The Solution. I’m just waiting for him to stick to his guns and disallow bussing in people of color to his rallies, while Strom-ming on his old banjo, if ever he has any outside a billionaire’s home. And I am enjoying how Maddow the Usual Suspects are getting at Sanders, his policies, his wing o…

The Ruling Class (1972)

A satire that cuts to the heart of the issue. You know, what satire (good, bad, or indifferent) has been understood to be for since Roman times.

But since I've been told by brilliant latte-sippers that they "don't understand" satire, let me give the main lines here of this film. For the rest, this is possibly Peter O'Toole's finest performance, and that's saying a lot.

Skip the italics below if you haven't seen the film.

1. A benevolently crazy rich dude thinks he's Jesus, love, and all the rest. Usefully crazy and universally rejected.

2. Under the pressure and influence of soulless rich fucks, he's converted into a neofascist serial killer. To wide acclaim.

Get it? The ruling class is full of shit and will turn to fascists, even beyond their usual rightwingedness, to protect their rice bowls. It's called, "history." Got it now? Great. Glad to have helped; I enjoy remedial education.

The Pathology of the Rich and the Bankruptcy of the Elite, Chris Hedges, 2013

File this under "Nobody could possibly have known..." as Part n in an infinite series. 

Here, in 2013, Hedges states, as the blurbs to each of the two videos note:

1. "On RAI with Paul Jay, Chris Hedges discusses the psychology of the super rich; their sense of entitlement, the dehumanization of workers, and mistaken belief that their wealth will insulate them from the coming storms."

2. "On RAI with Paul Jay, Chris Hedges says that while people are disgusted with the centers of power, unless there is a constructive alternative, any eruption will be nihilistic and could be fascist."

Now go and make sure that the constructive alternative, Sanders/Warren/AOC, et al, is utterly impossible to state. Push Biden-Buttigeg-Beto--apparently, anyone with a last name that starts with B is fine. Kill off any chance of a constructive alternative--and congratulate yourself for being part of the #Resistance™ to neofascism. Then bash progressives for helping neofascism win.

The Milk and Honey Report: Human Rights Watch Director Expelled from Israel

The democracy...I can't take all the democracy over there.

MIT Technology Review: Lessons from a genocide can prepare humanity for climate apocalypse

Actually, we have never faced anything like either AGW or nuclear weapons before, so this article, which you'll call "dark," is not dark enough. The author more or less admits the scale is unprecedented--and he doesn't even mention nukes, I don't think--but the lede, chosen by editors, no doubt, gives the usual denial of reality "good news."

But here's where we are: the "good news" is that we humans have come back from one-third to one-half population culls before. So, it won't be that bad. Uh huh.

We have no choice, as he says, but to try. We won't.

Read it anyway. And then put aside childish things, just like Saint Obama of the Dimples told you to, and ask every candidate for public office what they plan to do about the reality set out in this article.  Not just the presidential ones. Ask yourself what you, yourself, are going to do about it.

You won't because deep down you don't really give enough of a shit to even contem…

On Contact: Russiagate & Mueller Report w/ Aaron Mate

I'm posting this interview precisely because the WaPo and Maddow went nuts over it. And I'd do the same if RT, which is also semi-fake news (like all news outlets with very few exceptions, like The Real News, ProPublica, ICIJ), does some stupid shit about a Maddow or WaPo story. It's a rare news outlet that can't ever teach you anything, by the way. It's not a matter of "blindly trust" or "blindly reject."  

(You're saying, "Of course, Doug, everyone knows that you patronizing asshole." And then you'll go off and filter the world according to your bespoke ego-needs.) Don't be "fans" in politics. At all. Don't worship this org or that org; this pol or that pol. The second your affect, your emotions are involved, you're an easy mark. Think critically, which means questioning your own precious ego, and that of your friends and allies. Or be a slave-bot. Your choice.

Both sides of the Russiagate story are mess…

Robert Caro on Democracy Now, April 2019

SIPRI: World military expenditure grows to $1.8 trillion in 2018

Who says there's no such thing as progress?

Naysayers, read on.

MAGA!: "US military spending grew—for the first time since 2010—by 4.6 per cent, to reach $649 billion in 2018. The USA remained by far the largest spender in the world, and spent almost as much on its military in 2018 as the next eight largest-spending countries combined. ‘The increase in US spending was driven by the implementation from 2017 of new arms procurement programmes under the Trump administration,’ says Dr Aude Fleurant, the director of the SIPRI AMEX programme."

Dahr Jamail, Correct: "None of the 2020 Frontrunners Go Far Enough on Climate"

"If you read the 2020 Democratic candidates’ platforms in a vacuum, and they may sound compelling. However, if we keep in mind the true magnitude of this crisis, they are nowhere near adequate. What is necessary is nothing short of a plan that coordinates global governments to work together to get completely off fossil fuels immediately. This must be coupled with mandated and funded programs to have farmers begin wide-scale mitigation efforts like soil regeneration and planting trees on a vast scale for natural carbon sequestration. Plus, half of the land on the planet should be designated as wilderness areas. And that’s for starters."

More here.

FAIR; Comcast-Owned MSNBC in the Tank for Joe Biden’s Presidential Run

More on how Biden sucks and MSNBC is garbage.

Read, yes, but then the point, to me (and anyone who is a Democrat in any real sense of the word), is this: