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Ralph Nader: We Know Exactly Who Gave Us Trump

It'll be a shock to the latte-sipping Hillary/Biden worshippers, but the Democrats play a huge, probably determinative role. Yep, you can't just point out there at the Other: it's you, too.

"Yeah, well, I'm all for defeating Trump except insofar as it requires any thought, effort, self-confrontation, or even check-writing. And all of this is Nader's fault, so I'm not listening. La, la, la, la, la! PS: Resist!"


Then read this article which finally tries to puncture the giant exercise in question-begging that has framed Biden, an anachronistic time-bomb, as the "safe" choice and Sanders as "risky."

It only makes sense in the emotional miasma of ignorance, fear, and infinite self-regard that is your average liberal-professional latte-sipper. You know, people who never meet a working-class human being in their lives, outside of "the help," and who think they're "progressives" because they don't say &quo…

In India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi Wins in Landslide Re-election, Democracy Now, The Real News

Preview of 2020 here? If the Democrats keep it up, I fear, yes. The DemNow is shorter and hits the main points but Vijay Prashad's analysis on The Real News is typically informed and insightful.

MediaLens: Life or Death -- Corporate Media Or Honest Media?

In which the main news of the week, whether actually covered well, at all, or whatever, is put in a proper framework.

"You mean, it's about Theresa May's body language during her resignation speech? I'm interested!"

Uh, actually, it's more like this:

Imagine, for example, a Russian dissident living in the UK who had published copious evidence of Russian war crimes, and who had then sought political asylum in an embassy in London. Imagine if that dissident were then expelled from the embassy, under pressure from Russia, immediately imprisoned in a high-security prison here and faced with the prospect of extradition to Russia to face life imprisonment or the death sentence. There would be a massive uproar in the Western media. Western political leaders would issue strong statements of disapproval and demand the freedom of a brave dissident. The case of Julian Assange, co-founder of WikiLeaks, is much worse. He is being pursued relentlessly by a powerful country, t…

Collateral Murder - Wikileaks - Iraq

Thank you, Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning.

First Amendment's Freedom of the Press, 1789-2019?

So, Trump thinks the Congress has no right to oversight and journalism has no right to investigate. He's set up concentration camps, the design of which is to be so awful, deaths included, that people just give up on asylum here. "Jokes" at rallies about not respecting elections unless he wins, which we've seen go down just this fucking week in Indonesia. He's a straight-up fucking fascist.

That's the deal. Remember when you were laughing at people like me about oncoming fascism? Remember when you shut your mind down when Saint Dimples of the HolyiPod List ramped up press attacks beyond even what W did? Right.

And, uh, no, this isn't about little me getting "credit." When you scream that the house is on fire, you're not thinking, "Gee, I hope I can put this warning, one that anything with two working grey cells could see, on my resume!" No, it's more total fucking exasperation with your endless lying: to yourself, to everyone els…

Allan Nairn: Deadly Protests Erupt in Indonesia as U.S.-Trained Generals Wage a War on Democracy

Coming soon to the US? Lost the election 55-45; refuses to concede; brownshirts rioting in the streets.

Nairn's about as good as it gets, journalist-wise.

Doug Henwood, The Socialist Network, The New Republic

Another fine piece of work, and, yes, I was already a member. Any chance that something useful can get done, I'm in. Haven't been to a meeting in Providence yet, but will make the next one.

Here's Nathan Robinson on the DSA recently, too, citing Henwood's article.

Bulletin of Atomic Scientists: Hey, let’s fight global pandemics by maybe starting one… Say WHAT?

More psychosis. It'll never end till we do, I'm afraid.


Feed a cold, starve a fever … mutate the flu? A couple of labs in Wisconsin and The Netherlands have been given the green light to do controversial work with a deadly strain of avian flu that kills two thirds of the people it infects. The scientific community and US government declared a moratorium on the experiments in 2014. Why? Because the virus has generally been confined to birds, and these labs are trying to make it transmissible to mammals. On purpose. The researchers say making new strains of the H5N1 flu virus in a secure lab can help them see what might happen naturally in the real world. Sounds logical, but many scientists oppose it because the facts show most biosafety labs [[[click and read the following link right now!]]] aren’t really secure at all, and experts say the risks of a mutated virus escaping outweigh whatever public health benefit comes from creating them. But now the US government is fund…

ProPublica: An (Even More) Inconvenient Truth: Why Carbon Credits for Forest Preservation May Be Worse Than Nothing

The point: Five thousand miles away in California, politicians, scientists, oil tycoons and tree huggers are bursting with excitement over the idea. The state is the second-largest carbon polluter in America, and its oil and gas industry emits about 50 million metric tons of CO₂ a year. What if Chevron or Shell or Phillips 66 could offset some of their damage by paying Brazil not to cut down trees? The appetite is global. For the airline industry and industrialized nations in the Paris climate accord, offsets could be a cheap alternative to actually reducing fossil fuel use. But the desperate hunger for these carbon credit plans appears to have blinded many of their advocates to the mounting pile of evidence that they haven’t — and won’t — deliver the climate benefit they promise. I looked at projects going back two decades and spanning the globe and pulled together findings from academic researchers in far-flung forest villages, studies published in obscure journals, foreign governme…

Antislavery Wasn’t Mainstream, Until It Was, Matt Karp, Jacobin

A very clever and entirely relevant piece of history from a Princeton historian.

The lede:

After Republicans lost their first election in 1856, the nineteenth-century Nate Silvers were happy to declare the antislavery movement a radical, fringe idea. Four years later, Abraham Lincoln won on a radical program of change.

The rest.

There Are no Nation-States, Only Corporate Global Governors

This is the real meat that people need to understand, and Lynn Fries and her guests consistently explain how the world actually works.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Matt Taibbi, The Liberal Embrace of War, Rolling Stone

Now I know Maddow, like Buttigeg, is Super-Smart and has many attractive marketing qualities, but, um, like, this: 
Earlier this month, onetime fierce Iraq war opponent Rachel Maddow went on TV to embrace John Bolton in a diatribe about how the poor National Security Adviser has been thwarted by Trump in efforts to topple Maduro.
“Regardless of what you thought about John Bolton before this, his career, his track record,” Maddow said. “Just think about John Bolton as a human being.”

The telecast was surreal. It was like watching Dick Cheney sing “Give Peace a Chance.”
Bolton stood out as a bomb-humping nut even among the Bush-era functionaries who pushed us into Iraq. He’s the living embodiment of “benevolent hegemony,” an imperial plan first articulated in the nineties by neoconservatives like Bill Kristol and Robert Kagan.
You'll of course drop Maddow, whom you've worshiped, for this insanity, right? Of course not right: she's smart, you're smart for thinking she's sm…

Without Medicare for All, the Healthcare System Will Collapse - Wendell Potter

Jeremy Scahill: Why You Should Care About Trump’s War on Whistleblowers

This is what a journalist looks like. Not that anyone cares anymore: give me Maddow or Ingraham! Stroke me, stroke me, stroke me.

Glenn Greenwald Interviews Brazil's ex-President Lula From Prison

How Johns Hopkins' Influence Haunts Baltimore

This is a really fine piece of work, all around.

The book; the author's website; and a blurb about and link to the report noted in the second segment:

Despite its reputation as one of the most prestigious medical institutions in the U.S. Johns Hopkins Hospital has a shocking record of hounding low income patients for medical debt – filing thousands of lawsuits, garnishing wages and seizing bank accounts. That’s the findings of a new research report from the AFL-CIO, National Nurses United, and the Coalition for a Humane Hopkins. To view the report, go to: Taking Neighbors to Court-Johns Hopkins Hospital Medical Debt Lawsuits Since 2009, Johns Hopkins Hospital has filed more than 2,400 lawsuits in Maryland courts seeking payment of alleged medical debt from former patients.  Many would likely qualify for reduced, or charity care, but were apparently not informed of that option by the hospital despite the obligation of Maryland’s charity care provisions. In more than 400 cases, the hospi…

More Good News: "Global sea level rise could be double our current predictions," MIT Technology Review's Emailer, The Download

Sign up for The Download. Very informative, at least for lil ol me.
Oh, the wonderful news. Sorry to have delayed it:
The estimate has been revised upwards because ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica are melting more rapidly than expected.
New predictions: In 2013, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicted sea levels around the world would rise by between 52cm and 98cm by 2100. However, a new study in PNAS by a group of 22 researchers predicts that the real level could go above 2 meters, if emissions growth continues along current trends—an outcome they describe as “plausible.”
The impact: This scenario would lead to the loss of 1.8 million square kilometers of land, including critical areas of food production, and displace up to 187 million people.
Complexity and certainty: The study includes a vast range of possibilities. The authors say this is because improved understanding of the issue of ice loss has increased the bounds of uncertainty. However, they are confident th…

The Intercept and the ICIJ on ICE's Widespread Use of Solitary Confinement (ie, Torture) on Migrants

So, when you see Uncle Racist Trump-Loving Fuckhead next --the one you lack the courage to confront which you launder to yourself as "tolerance" (the term you're searching for is "Good German") -- ask him if he's OK with this.

He will be. Because Uncle Racist, etc, and millions of people in this country, are aching for a Führer.

But, for the love of God, don't hurt their precious little feelings! Don't use any of your leverage, as a loved one, to bring them back to sanity!

Because that'd be just morally wrong. No, far better to be a Good German and launder your cowardice so it comes out as moral superiority.

Well, at least you can read this, and then privately decry it in such a way that ensures you expend zero time, money, effort (just reading it was enough!), social capital in your family, and all the rest.

(Much more here at the ICIJ's portal.)

You'll be a good little German once the concentration camp population diversifies, too. Any…

How Sweet! Tom Friedman and Steve Bannon Make Friends

Here' are the new BFFs on Squawk Box fellating each other: Guess Bannon told him to suck on this, and Tommy-boy was only too happy to oblige. 

More relevantly, and to stay in the metaphor, this was entirely and jointly consensual. Because this is what Thomas Friedman is; this is what he represents. It's what he's always represented: whatever the ruling class wants, essentially. He and what he represents are this close to Steve Fucking Bannon's view of the world, which is just pure American-exceptionalist global domination, period. The only friction is how best to achieve that. Anyway, these pathetic fantasies aside, here's how Jacobin put it, properly: "China Is Not the Problem. Capitalism Is." The intro:
C. S. Lewis said that people become friends because “they see the same truth.” On a recent episode of CNBC’s Squawk Box Tom Friedman and Steve Bannon looked downright chummy defending President Trump’s recent decision to raise tariffs on $200 billion of Chin…

Trump-Bolton Aggression Against Iran Contained by Russia, Japan, China, and EU

And here's Mehdi Hasan rightly pointing out how The Great Resistance Media is settling into Trump's lap, on command. Here's someone sane and knowledgable discussing the bullshit that even the NYT is apparently buying. (Doug -- "even"? Yeah, you're right: kill that.)

He's being ironic in giving advice; he knows that the mainstream media loves war; makes tons of money off it. That's how CNN became what it is, after all: pretty boom-booms vaporizing Bad Brown People 24/7 with exciting music, too! Deeply innocent Americans love that shit, so they make a fortune off of death.

Just like they make a fortune off of Trump, and that's literally the one thing Trump understands.