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Netanyahu Government Falls - Will New Elections Change Anything?

What a bunch of total assholes. Entirely worthless, corrupt, racist, proto-fascist scum.

Why All the Arguments Against Impeachment Are Bullshit, Mehdi Hasan

The Democrats have to know this. I think they're simply incompetent, weak, and utterly pathetic, frankly. The great danger is not fighting back, in falling into the weak-pussy-Democrat meme the GOP has run on, successfully, for decades.

And they're undermining the real fighters in the primaries. Because they're addicted to corporate money. They're protecting their own pathetic sinecures and power: fuck the party, fuck the country, fuck my kids and grandkids, and fuck the world.

They know that Very Intelligent Adults will fall right into line. Hopefully, we'll have enough Fucking Retarded Professional Leftists show up in the primaries to neuter these worthless hacks and maybe start turning this shit around.

Nathan Robinson on Steven Pinker, "The World's Most Annoying Man," Current Affairs

If Robinson keeps this up, I may have to propose. Don't tell Donna, but especially don't tell Grendel the Cat! Donna, I can handle. Grendel? I tremble at the thought.

Seriously, Nathan Robinson is someone to read consistently. Like, every single thing he writes. You won't agree with it all; you will appreciate it all.

The real deal.

Oh, yeah: the article.

He's this bad on every topic; viz, this "Darwin Debate" from 1998, I think, in which Pinker's embarrassed by a real geneticist, a real physical anthropologist, and even Jonathan Miller, who's been a real whole buncha shit, from first-rate historian of medicine to comedy trouper to director of film, opera, stage:

Pinker is apparently good at his experimental psychology work, if he even still bothers. And he has really nice hair. That's about it.

Chris Hedges and Matt Taibbi on the Deep Rot in American Journalism

Yeah, no kidding: RT is garbage, too. They know, these two, believe me.

What you do is use the openings you have--whether it be on CNN or RT; in the NYT or whatever. Use the openings, even though you know that, having been diverted to Russia like Snowden, as it were, you'll be pounded on for appearing on the only channel that'll have you--and for their own purposes, I'm sure.

And round and round it goes.

Politico Calls Sanders, Essentially, a Rich, Cheap Kike. That's the "Resistance."

Here's Haaretz on the dust-up.

Lesson: If they have to choose between accommodating to fascism and paying some motherfucking taxes to fund a Green New Deal that will maybe save their children's chance at a semi-decent life, most of your liberal latte-sippers will choose fascism.

Oh, they'll lie through their teeth to themselves, but class interests dominate all other considerations, even when the oncoming disasters will finally bring us a classless society, or at least far less inequality, in the worst possible way.

Sanders has no intention of dismantling capitalism. More's the pity, frankly, but what he wants is sane investment, an adjustment toward sanity and survival in the budget.

That's is fucking it.

And 95% of the people I know in my cohort who were for Sanders in 2016 have bailed. Well, Daddy NYT and Mommy Politico told thems Bernie no nices anymore! Big meany! He hurted the poor wittle weak female Hiwawy--and that was just like when I had that bad date!


Another Ray of Sunshine on An Otherwise Cloudy Day

OK, here's the deal:
The world needs topsoil to grow 95% of its food – but it's rapidly disappearing
Meanwhile, the DoE has rebranded hydrocarbons as "freedom molecules." Sure, laugh and look down your nose at it: it's just the end of civilization, that's all. But, sure, preen yourself in front of this idiotic PR, which will work. While you refuse to remove hydrocarbon equities from your 401(k).
Those fucking idiot denialists! Just awful, aren't they?
Well, they are. Chomsky, as usual, is spot on: those people who know, and have always known, that burning carbon willdestroy civilization, and who have lied through their teeth, to this very day, to the population, are literally worse than the Nazis. 

Shit, I'll embed it. You decide for yourself:

Outrageous statement? Answer me this: did the Nazis want to destroy civilization and possibly kill everyone on earth? Answer: no. They were, until recently, the worst set of human beings in history. 
We're better…

The Grateful Dead Live in NJ, 1978

An hour of great music: "Estimated Prophet / Shakedown Street / Ollin Arrageed (with Hamza El Din) / Drums / Space / Fire On The Mountain / Sugar Magnolia. Recorded Live: 11/24/1978 - Capitol Theatre (Passaic, NJ)"