FoxNews on Global Warming

Evil, evil people. Is this just the honest airing of wrong opinion or organized propaganda? I know the latter is a "conspiracy theory" to even many of my "liberal" friends, but if the shoe fits....

To be fair: "Fox" has become the catchall for elite media malpractice, inoculating such venerable organs as The New York Times from any hint of propaganda. Oh, heavens, no! -- not that wonderful paper I read along with the rest of the middle management of the country. I mean, they're not a business; they are for truth only -- advertisers and "access" be damned!

I'm so happy Hillary is using Murdoch for fundraising. As we all know, there is never any quid pro quo in such deals. To think so is to wobble off into UFO-conspiracy-land. Of course. (Here's more on the wooing of Murdoch.) Hillary will be shocked when the attacks against her skyrocket, no doubt. Sucking up to Murdoch is not good for what Ailes you; these Clintonistas are either very stupid or very smart. Either way, they are not anything close to "progressives."

Ties to Murdoch bodes well for a second Clinton administration, no?