Serious Threat of a Widening War In the Middle East and South Asia

1. Turkey has 140,000 troops on the border (over the border, actually), ready to invade Kurdistan.

2. Pakistan is tottering. Holding the lid on Pakistan makes all elements just boil all the more. Some of those elements ain't too pretty. Once again, US policy is bringing about the very thing it fears.

Try to imagine what would happen if Iran, Israel, Syria, Lebanon, et al, start getting into it, too. Israel's house fascist, Avigdor Lieberman, is rattling his saber over Iran -- Israel is apparently close to being able to "deal with the Iranian threat." Whether Israel really has US and EU backing for a strike on Iran is immaterial: Lieberman is calling their bluff. Now they have to come out and say, no way. (Or do so privately.)

Not to mention an Islamic revolution in nuclear-armed Pakistan -- the very thing US backing of the Pakistani military dictatorship is making increasingly likely.

I'm sure India would be perfectly fine with that. I mean, there's no history of bad blood or warfare between India and Pakistan.

Russia and China, too, would be happy to see the US and Israel (the US's local aircraft- and spear-carrier) foment a wider war with its energy partner, Iran. I'm sure they'd do nothing at all, economically, diplomatically, or militarily. In any event, given the rapid cooling of US-Russian relations, the hair-trigger alert of Russian missiles, and Russia's completely legitimate fear of the "defensive" missile shield, it seems like risking a full-scale nuclear war to hold onto Iraq is worth it, no?

By all means, pass the ammunition! Jesus, no doubt, will come soon and make everything all better. He can change blood into oil, I hear tell.