Senate Judiciary Committee Tears Gonzales a New One

Watch it here.

I'm sure Gonzales sees all of this Montesquieu-ish insistence on the separation of powers, not to mention the rule of law, as "quaint" as banning torture. However, Leahy and Specter (among others) are writing his political death notice, if not also creating the case for Gonzales' indictment and conviction. He'll have plenty of time to read up on Carl Schmitt in prison -- or at the AEI if and when Bush pardons him.

What's more generally fascinating is watching the abusive marriage between the Bush administration and the Democrats. How much punishment will the Democrats take before impeaching the lot of these fascist criminals? What, exactly, does a president have to do before these cowards will stand up for the Constitution? Yes, I know: not too many of them care too much about the Constitution.

Truly pathetic. Gonzales is clearly lying; he's dead in the water. Yet the Bush admin keeps lying away.... If only Leahy was head of the Senate, and not Reid.