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13 July 2007

Profile in Cojones: Kucinich on Iran

This is exactly what is lacking in virtually every other candidate for the presidency -- Ron Paul being a little wing-nutty in his excessive market-libertarianism, but still on the money on Iran. (Gravel, too, agrees.)

Obviously, you need to read this hit piece Pravda-like to see the point, but y'all are used to doing that!

I mean, far be it for anyone to actually care about the proper translation of Ahmadinejad's Persian, or to mention that he doesn't run military affairs in Iran's system, wing-nutty as he may be.

Funny how none of the press-dubbed front-runners do...surely, it's a complete coincidence. Even Saint Obama is happy not to take nuking Iran "off the table." Strange what is allowed or disallowed on that metaphorical Democratic table, ain't it? Again -- don't look for a pattern. That would be a "conspiracy theory." It's all a huge coincidence.

Continue shopping.

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