The Liberal (sic) Democrats (sic) In Action: Hillary and Edwards on Constricting Debate

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Unbelievable. Which is to say, not at all surprising -- especially if you remember how the Democrats move heaven and earth to keep Greens out of debates and off ballots.

Funny -- you don't see the Demz going after proven Republican election fraud, but you do see two "front-runners" agreeing to limit debates by excluding the "unserious" candidates.

For my loyal Democratic friends to ponder. Or is this kind of bullshit OK when your favored candidate or party does it?

(Yes, this is from FoxNews. Yes, they have an interest in undermining the Demz. No, that doesn't mean this was somehow faked -- someone would have to prove that to me. Your enemies can tell you unpleasant facts about yourself that your friends never would.)