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07 July 2007

Neal Peart Is God

Interview, Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Drum Solo

"Cotton Tail"

Update: Some more video clips from Dummerworld -- from Peart's Anatomy of a Drum Solo and the previous A Work in Progress.

The Real News Is Up and Running!

A production of Independent World Television, a wholly subscriber-supported network -- no corporate money. I have high hopes for this; been in the works for years.

Some other opinions here. Flyer here (PDF). Donate here; video starts immediately, so watch audio levels!

06 July 2007

Impeach Cheney (and then Bush)

05 July 2007

Olbermann: Bush and Cheney Should Resign/J'Accuse

03 July 2007

How the Pentagon Papers Came to be Published by the Beacon Press

Fascinating, frightening, and even funny!

02 July 2007

"Imminent Crises: Threats and Opportunities," Noam Chomsky

A written version, with documentation, of a talk you can watch here:

Chief Justice George Orwell Writes For The Majority

Exactly. The latest in an awful series of decisions.