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The Liberal (sic) Democrats (sic) In Action: Hillary and Edwards on Constricting Debate

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Unbelievable. Which is to say, not at all surprising -- especially if you remember how the Democrats move heaven and earth to keep Greens out of debates and off ballots.

Funny -- you don't see the Demz going after proven Republican election fraud, but you do see two "front-runners" agreeing to limit debates by excluding the "unserious" candidates.

For my loyal Democratic friends to ponder. Or is this kind of bullshit OK when your favored candidate or party does it?

(Yes, this is from FoxNews. Yes, they have an interest in undermining the Demz. No, that doesn't mean this was somehow faked -- someone would have to prove that to me. Your enemies can tell you unpleasant facts about yourself that your friends never would.)

From the Desk of Bill Shakespeare...

©2007 Doug Tarnopol

Or: "Thoughts on Having to Write a 'Blurby' Book Proposal in the Early Twenty-First Century, USA"


Dear Ms. Brown:

Hi, Tina! It was great talking to you the other day at the Rainbow Room. I'm so sorry, again, for interrupting you, but I just had to tell you about my awesome new play! It must have been a bit embarrassing for you when security threw me out. Thanks for being so gracious, and for telling me to send an e-mail to your office. I've had zero luck shopping this around. I really loved what you did with The New Yorker -- you know, all those stories about the rich and powerful. What we need now is more celebrity creation and worship -- it's an underutilized market.

I'm so happy you're into publishing now.

Anyway, friends of mine have told me to let you know how I came up with this play, what its demographics would be, what genre it belongs to, and what message(s) I'm trying to get across.

One day, I was thinking about the …

Profile in Cojones: Kucinich on Iran

This is exactly what is lacking in virtually every other candidate for the presidency -- Ron Paul being a little wing-nutty in his excessive market-libertarianism, but still on the money on Iran. (Gravel, too, agrees.)

Obviously, you need to read this hit piece Pravda-like to see the point, but y'all are used to doing that!

I mean, far be it for anyone to actually care about the proper translation of Ahmadinejad's Persian, or to mention that he doesn't run military affairs in Iran's system, wing-nutty as he may be.

Funny how none of the press-dubbed front-runners do...surely, it's a complete coincidence. Even Saint Obama is happy not to take nuking Iran "off the table." Strange what is allowed or disallowed on that metaphorical Democratic table, ain't it? Again -- don't look for a pattern. That would be a "conspiracy theory." It's all a huge coincidence.

Continue shopping.

Serious Threat of a Widening War In the Middle East and South Asia

1. Turkey has 140,000 troops on the border (over the border, actually), ready to invade Kurdistan.

2. Pakistan is tottering. Holding the lid on Pakistan makes all elements just boil all the more. Some of those elements ain't too pretty. Once again, US policy is bringing about the very thing it fears.

Try to imagine what would happen if Iran, Israel, Syria, Lebanon, et al, start getting into it, too. Israel's house fascist, Avigdor Lieberman, is rattling his saber over Iran -- Israel is apparently close to being able to "deal with the Iranian threat." Whether Israel really has US and EU backing for a strike on Iran is immaterial: Lieberman is calling their bluff. Now they have to come out and say, no way. (Or do so privately.)

Not to mention an Islamic revolution in nuclear-armed Pakistan -- the very thing US backing of the Pakistani military dictatorship is making increasingly likely.

I'm sure India would be perfectly fine with that. I mean, there's no history of…

"We're All Gonna Die," By William Rivers Pitt

Friday 13 July 2007We are all wired into a survival trip now.

- Hunter S. Thompson

Who can forget the incredible scandal that erupted back in May of 2002? Around about the middle of that month, details began to emerge about the August 6, 2001 Presidential Daily Briefing that specifically warned Bush about Osama bin Laden's determination to strike the United States. Wait. Actually, everyone forgot, because two days later, the Bush administration unleashed a blizzard of dire warnings about impending terrorist attacks. FBI Director Robert Mueller intoned such attacks were "inevitable," and the Department of Homeland Security announced the imminent, explosive destruction of all American railroads, along with the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty. Who can forget the incredible scandal that erupted back in June of 2003? Over the course of two days, reports emerged about serious doubts held by the CIA regarding the credibility of t…

Start Global Cooling!

My buddy Otto Pohl, journalist, and his wife Anne Sherwood, photojournalist, have started a company selling low-key t-shirts (100% sweatshop-free, made-in-USA) to spread the word on global warming.

Ten percent of proceeds go to the Earth Island Institute, which serves as a kind of "offset" for the emissions produced by the biz. (The EII was one of many orgs founded by the late David Brower.)

Check it out; click the title of this post for more info...

"The High Cost of Libby’s Silence," Amy Goodman

Well put; disgusting situation. Libby paid his $250,000 fine already -- unknown from whose funds, but he's on his way to AEI or suchlike, and isn't exactly a pauper. It's unclear that he can even do community service with a commuted prison sentence, I read.

Compare that to what "The Troops" have to go through, as Goodman details.

How can any sane person support this criminal regime?

FoxNews on Global Warming

Evil, evil people. Is this just the honest airing of wrong opinion or organized propaganda? I know the latter is a "conspiracy theory" to even many of my "liberal" friends, but if the shoe fits....

To be fair: "Fox" has become the catchall for elite media malpractice, inoculating such venerable organs as The New York Times from any hint of propaganda. Oh, heavens, no! -- not that wonderful paper I read along with the rest of the middle management of the country. I mean, they're not a business; they are for truth only -- advertisers and "access" be damned!

I'm so happy Hillary is using Murdoch for fundraising. As we all know, there is never any quid pro quo in such deals. To think so is to wobble off into UFO-conspiracy-land. Of course. (Here's more on the wooing of Murdoch.) Hillary will be shocked when the attacks against her skyrocket, no doubt. Sucking up to Murdoch is not good for what Ailes you; these Clintonistas are either very …

Moore on CNN on SiCKO

I'll try to find the set-up for this outburst, but I can guess, especially from Lou Dobbs' obnoxious comment at the end. Anyway, Moore tears Wolf Blitzer a new a-hole.

Update:Here's the hit-piece. It's patently (no pun intended) obvious what the good doctor is trying to do, so I'll make only one comment. The good doctor mentions that Cuba is ranked one or two slots below the US on the WHO ratings of national healthcare systems. Um, yeah, we know: you can see it in the film, even, when they show the list. The point however is painfully obvious (and thus requires flak to distract): compare the economic power of the US to Cuba -- should the healthcare systems be roughly equal? After 45-ish years of economic embargo by the US? This of course is alluded to after the brick is thrown. Sigh.

Another straw man: Moore never said, nor would anyone with two working neurons, that any other nation's healthcare system is "perfect." The point of SiCKO is not that Moore…

"Bush justice is a national disgrace," By John S. Koppel

Here is a man with courage:
I realize that this constitutionally protected statement subjects me to a substantial risk of unlawful reprisal from extremely ruthless people who have repeatedly taken such action in the past. But I am confident that I am speaking on behalf of countless thousands of honorable public servants, at Justice and elsewhere, who take their responsibilities seriously and share these views. And some things must be said, whatever the risk. The views presented in this essay are not representative of the Department of Justice or its employees but are instead the personal views of its author. John S. Koppel has been a civil appellate attorney with the Department of Justice since 1981.

Orwell on the Bench, Part n

Court Dismisses ACLU Suit on Domestic Spying
Here in the United States, a federal appeals court has dismissed a lawsuit challenging the Bush administration’s domestic spy program. The American Civil Liberties Union had filed the suit on behalf of journalists, academics, and lawyers who feared they had been targeted. In a two to one ruling, the court ruled the plaintiffs can’t challenge the program because they can’t prove they’ve been monitored. The ACLU says it will consider an appeal to the Supreme Court.

George Mason and James Madison on Pardons and Impeachment

This is from the transcript of the Virginia ratifying convention; see linked title above. These quotes have been floating around the blogosphere and even elite media since Libby's commutation. Here's the full context -- and, true to form, Mason was concerned with what a ruthless man could do with the commander-in-chief powers...rightly so. Madison's comments, also bolded below, are even more powerful, as he more than any other person was the author of the Constitution.

[The 1st clause of the 2d section was read.]

[[[i.e., the commander-in-chief clause:
The President shall be commander in chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the militia of the several states, when called into the actual service of the United States; he may require the opinion, in writing, of the principal officer in each of the executive departments, upon any subject relating to the duties of their respective offices, and he shall have power to grant reprieves and pardons for offenses agains…