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Israel’s Jewish problem in Tehran, Jonathan Cook

So why hasn’t Iran started by wiping its own Jews off the map?
[A very interesting question, no? By a strange concatenation of contingent events, the expressed opinion of American Jews is now central to world peace -- or world war. This American Jew isn't about to forget the true lessons of the Nazi holocaust. I suggest others get their shit together and recognize the true enemies before it's too late.]
By Jonathan Cook

08/03/07 "
ICH" -- - -- Iran is the new Nazi Germany and its president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the new Hitler. Or so Israeli officials have been declaring for months as they and their American allies try to persuade the doubters in Washington that an attack on Tehran is essential. And if the latest media reports are to be trusted, it looks like they may again be winning the battle for hearts and minds: Vice-President Dick Cheney is said to be diverting the White House back on track to launch a militar…

Another Asset-Seizing Executive Order...

This time involving Lebanon, and worse than last week's executive order on Iraq.

Seems to me that we're rapidly approaching fascism here. Surely, it ain't a representative democracy with separation of powers. And not a Democrat in sight (Kucinich and some others aside) seems to give a shit.

Nice. Another rise in the national water-temperature. Will the frogs that live therein notice?

Democrats Scrambling to Expand Eavesdropping

Oh, yes: the Democrats will save us. Hopefully, Feingold can forestall this in the Senate. Don't hold your breath.

Meanwhile, Hillary berates Obama for not being willing to nuke any country that irks him, if he becomes president. Look for a tactical retreat by Saint Obama in the near future.

Look, too, for Bush-hating Democrats to find any possible excuse for Hillary's announcement, which, as Robert Parry points out in the link above, conflicts with her husband's previously stated policy.

But the times have changed: Shillary hobnobs with Murdoch and is morphing into the Iron Lady II as power begins to look likely....

My Friend's Struggle with Public Transportation

Democracy in action. Scott, we're all rooting for you! Usually, this kind of stuff is invisible to the powers that be because of the power of those who usually use public transportation.

Isn't it helpful to have a customer-service background? Helps you navigate all the bullshit thrown at you, since you know what's coming before it's thrown....

Act To Stop Draconian, Unconstitutional Film-Permit Rules in NYC!

Speaking of fascism, here are the film-permit rules (PDF) that "centrist" Mayor (and possible independent presidential candidate) Bloomberg is proposing:
Under new rules proposed on May 25, 2007 by the Mayor’s Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcast (MOFTB), any group of two or more people using a handheld camera (still or video) for more than 30 minutes at a single location (defined as a 100-foot area) would have to apply for and obtain a permit and would have to present proof of $1 million in insurance (unless a waiver was obtained). Also under the new rules, any group of five or more people using a single tripod for more than 10 minutes would have to obtain a permit and have insurance.The above paragraph is from the NYCLU -- more here (PDF) and here (web page).

What to do, from the NYCLU site:
What can I do about the new rules? At the request of the New York Civil Liberties Union, the MOFTB has agreed to reopen the process by which members of the public can comment on the new …

Why Murdoch's Takeover of the WSJ Matters

Video segment here; for other options, click this post's title.

But first: is anyone else tickled (if that's the right word; "nauseated" might be better, considering the hypocrisy) by WSJ journalists fighting through their union for fair treatment? I guess some workers are more deserving than others of such protection.

And, I might point out, for the WSJ to complain about how they got bought out in a nasty, Wall-Street-driven deal is pretty much a paradigmatic example of "being hoisted by your own petard."

I've been driving a lot for work recently. Thus, I've heard a lot of coverage on NPR about the Murdoch takeover. The "far-left" NPR has barely scratched the surface of the problem: more like they've bent over -- I hesitate to add "backwards"; "bent over," full stop, is a more apt image, I think -- to find a way to present "the other side." Not one mention of how Wall Street is driving even profitable papers…

2004 Election, Ohio: Mission Accomplished

Relevant quote:
In 56 of Ohio's 88 counties, ballots and election records from 2004 have been "accidentally" destroyed, despite a federal order to preserve them -- it was crucial evidence which would have revealed whether the election was stolen.Excuses to be expected:
"No one could have expected that these ballots would have been destroyed.""Get over it; you [Republican propagandist]/we [Democratic propagandist] lost the 2004 election fair and square.""Conspiracy theorist!", Robert Parry's Excellent Site, Needs Your Help

For almost 12 years now, we have been providing original investigative journalism for Internet readers. More recently, we have been working with Ray McGovern and his group of patriotic former U.S. intelligence officers to get their views to the public.But all this costs money. And we've only gotten halfway toward our mid-year fundraising goal of $25,000. So we need your help.There are two easy ways you can help us raise the money to pay our bills and invest in new investigative projects:One, you can buy a copy of our important new book, Neck Deep: The Disastrous Presidency of George W. Bush, through the publisher's Web site at For each purchase, $5 will be rebated to, you can make a tax-deductible donation. For donations of $100, we will send you an autographed gift copy of Neck Deep in paperback. For $150 or more, we will send the hard cover version.You can make your tax-deductible donation, either by acredit card onlineor by…

The New Znet Is A-Comin', Sing Woo-Hoo!

Below is an e-mail from Michael Albert to all free Znet subscribers. If you can join up as a sustainer ($5/month), do so. Check out the tour of the new-fangled site, and enjoy the Chomsky pieces from his most recent collection, Interventions. I've added some links in the pieces below. If there's no link to an article, that means it's not available free online.
Hello,This is a ZNet Free Update. Below there is a ZNet interview with Noam Chomsky about his latest book "Interventions" and below that are two excerpts from the book. However, before you get to that we'd like to remind you that we have been trying to do an upgrade of the whole Z Communications web system. The project was supposed to be done in February or March. As of late July it isn't done and there is a ways to go. However, we anticipate much progress over the next month and expect to have a more certain date for project completion very soon. The delay in progress as had a very noticeable affect…

Kucinich Answers Citizens' Questions

Let's just get rid of the talking haircuts and have citizens send in questions in all debates for all parties from here on out.

Why Kucinich for President?

Will my taxes rise if a Democrat takes office?

A Snowman's Question (Global Warming)

How Many More Soldiers Need to Die?

Do You Support Gay Marriage?

"Rorschach and Awe," Katherine Eban

From Vanity Fair. The march to fascism continues; willing collaborators in psychology abound. A SERE-ing indictment of the American Psychological Association. My recommendation: stick with the psychiatrists for your mental-health needs, if only as a protest.

Eban was interviewed on Democracy Now! today; will update later.