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Alex Jones Follows and Harasses Bernie Sanders at LAX

This is the guy Trump insisted be part of the White House press corps. He has a very large viewership, though numbers are hard to come by for various reasons.

So, yeah, lots of people, like some people I actually know, believe this maniac, who, in court papers has claimed this is all performance art/an act. No one’s quite sure when he’s lying, though, and most likely, he’s doublethinking: it’s performance and he believes it and he can’t tell the difference. He’s insane, that is.

So, uh, Trump love isn’t hard to understand. And 87% of Republicans love Trump, and always will, because he bullies, and might even kill, the “niggers,” however defined. They’re fascists, that is. Or at minimum fascists-in-training. Like, the Cub Scouts of fascism. At best. Seventy-five percent of Republicans—your neighbors, your average Good Germans—think the Mueller probe is all bullshit, and run by the “deep state.”

They wouldn’t all object to death camps, I don’t think. A good third might support that, minimum. Who says we’re any better than Germans, Italians, Spanish, Russians, South Americans, South Koreans...etc.? We’re not.

We all already support concentration camps—that’s what our insane prison system and incarceration rate is all about, let alone the rapidly expanding “border control” system. Criminalize the darkies; go after the “librulz,” hint the Jews—aka “(((globalists)))”—are behind it (at least the bad ones). We’ve been here before. Many times. Needn’t have death camps to go fascist, but I wouldn’t want to put a ceiling on what America can accomplish once it puts its mind to something.

America First!