Chomsky and Zinn: Part 2; Amy Goodman: Force of Nature

1. Dershowitz gets called what he is: a jihadi. The esteemed lawyer's continuing project? To cover up his cover up of Israeli governmental crimes. The latter's been going on for 30-odd years; the former since Norman Finkelstein dismantled Dershowitz's The Case for Israel, a compendium of lies and plagiarism, in Beyond Chutzpah, which Dershowitz tried to keep from being published. It's all online (you can start here and here); the mass media has picked up on the story. A confrontation between Finkelstein and Dershowtiz on Beyond Chutzpah on DN! Part 1 (starts at 2:30), which was broadcast. Part 2, which was not (legal threats?).

2. Part one of Amy Goodman's joint interview of Zinn and Chomsky is here.

3. We saw Zinn and Goodman last night in Boston. Zinn was funny and informative.

Of course, Zinn was dryly funny and informative, as always.

But Goodman was a revelation. She is a force of nature. I had no idea what she was like as a speaker; had just seen her on DN! and in other fora where she did not have the stage to herself. She truly was, as Zinn mentioned, the reincarnation of Emma Goldman.

Smart, passionate, hilarious, and inspiring. She brought the house down several times. She was on fire -- like a secular preacher. Donna, my wife, was blown away, too -- the whole building was. Ended with a black-power salute, which was absolutely perfect given the crescendo she had built up. I don't usually use the word "thrilling" -- that moment was thrilling.

She weaves in stories of people with amazing skill and passion. That's what journalism is (pace Michael Gordon) -- it reminded me of Orwell, even. I said to Donna, whatever portion of her speech was part of her book tours' "usual," was amazingly fresh, heartfelt, and passionate; whatever part was extemporaneous (surely the part dealing with the V-Tech shootings) was admirably well-constructed. She wins either way. A real pro, in the best sense of that word...nice to know there are some people in their 50s (just recently!) who can carry on...

With Vonnegut gone, Vidal ailing, and Chomsky probably not immortal, all appearances to the contrary, it had been worrying me! A truly moving speech.