Stop Postal Rate Hikes! -- Petition

Time Warner literally wrote up this hike for the Postal Service. It will destroy (as is intended) small publishers, including magazines as diverse as The Nation, The National Review, and The American Conservative, all of whom are fighting it along with many others:
The new postage rates that are being implemented by the US Post Office which could affect many small and independent publications in this country. Postal rates for smaller periodicals could increase by as much as 30 percent while some of the largest circulation magazines will face hikes of less than 10 percent.

The advocacy group Free Press says the rate change was developed with no public involvement or Congressional oversight. They are calling for a congressional hearing on the changes. The Postal Service Board of Governors recently accepted the periodical rate recommendations of the Postal Regulatory Commission. According to a document outlining the Board’s decision, the Commission recommended “a rate structure proposed by Time Warner, Inc.”

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