The Israel Lobby: Portrait of a Great Taboo

Don't worry: this is all anti-Semitic tripe.

Tegenlicht, a documentary program by the Dutch public broadcast organization VPRO, allows several interesting opinion makers to speak on the future of the American and Israel relationship and the reception of John Mearsheimer and Steve Walt's article "The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy."

Includes interviews with John Mearsheimer, former chief of staff to United States Secretary of State Colin Powell, Lawrence Wilkerson, cofounder of the Christians United for Israel lobbying group John Hagee, neoconservative Richard Perle and historian Tony Judt express their views in Marije Meermans and William de Bruijns documentary.

Note: This ends abruptly, but Judt has the last word; that's it. Documentary over. Well done; will anyone in the US listen? Republicans? Democrats? People I know? Before or after an Iran strike? Here's what to do: call/write/fax/e-mail your elected representatives and tell them to stand up against the lobby/-ies -- "pro-"Israeli, military-industrial, Christian-right, et al. Write letters to the editor. Especially if you're Jewish, you must speak out.

Thank you.


  1. I hear your plea so clearly about speaking out against the offending political lobbies. But, man, Doug, the only people in this country who is ALLOWED to speak out against such lobbies are jews.

    Hell, a person can write on a liberal blog in response to maybe a tank being used to mow over a peace activist and say, "that is horrible!" And that person will be shouted down to the abyss and labled an anti-semite.

    There is NO discussing this. (Quite the coup by the warmongers, I'd say)

  2. Hey, Robin:

    I hear ya, and that's why American Jews who refuse to let the lobby/ies speak for them are so important in opening space up for others. It shouldn't be that way, but it's a common phenomenon. If I make an "anti-semitic" joke among my Jewish friends, it's funny (assuming it's actually funny). If a non-Jew, and a stranger, does: the questions arise. Same with using the word "nigger" -- different depending on the context and the speaker. And so forth, for every "granfalloon" you can think of.

    However, I'll just say, go ahead and speak out, and don't worry about the anti-Semite comments. Assume it will happen, trust that you are not one, and keep pushing it.

    That there actually are anti-Semites (of course -- there are anti-anythings out there) shouldn't worry you, either; nor is it a counterargument for concerned citizens speaking out against Israeli governmental policies or against the lobby/ies. Just keep it calm, take the high road, and you'll be fine. It takes some courage, but don't let the boo-words scare you.


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