Middle Sexes - Experiment on homophobia, HBO Documentary

File this under, "No shit!"

More on this doc here.


  1. Yep. I would file that under the "No Shit" category as well.

    But imagine the homophobes who watch this. They might think about masking their anger in order to hide their own fears about themselves. Maybe it will reduce the violence against gays.

    **and, hey, GREAT color selections on your website! Easy on the eyes!

  2. You mean the grey? Cool. Don't want to lose my most loyal (only?)reader! :)

  3. LOL!!!

    You have plenty of readers! (they just don't post!) Seriously -- I know the gal who sends me (along with more than a few other people) your emails with a run-down of 'what's new' and I KNOW all those people read this blog.

    As to serious matters -- Aren't you in your 40's? Or thereabouts? I am. And I just can't believe the state of the nation. In terms of labor rights (unions, alleged 'free trade' agreements,), wanton war, lack of a free and independent press, corporation governance, et al. And I wonder -- I have but ONE LIFE to live. Should I fight this mess till I die (it will take that plus more than a few years just to get thing where they were when we were sending the ERA around...)

    And, I wonder, should I just cut and run and find a bunch of investers to buy an island and live out a glorious final decade or two.....

    Or do I continue to CARE?

    Sorry... I was at an event this weekend where I had an opportunity to visit with more than a few 20-somethings out there. And, you know, they don't GIVE A DAMN. I am thinking... why should I?


  4. Hey Robin:

    Well, it's nice to know I have some readers! I see the bubbles on my little free counter, but I don't know if that means readers...I mean, outside NSA listening posts.

    I'm actually 37, but I still have never seen it this bad -- even under Reagan, and I was a highly political, nuclear-freezing, impeach-over-Iran-Contra (we should have) type.

    Plenty of 20-somethings do give a damn, and plenty of my friend do not.

    I think you ultimately fight or not based on your own needs...one must live while one fights, too.

    That's about all the wisdom I have on that, besides the stolen: "pessimism of the intellect; optimism of the will."


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