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24 April 2007

"Eighteen Missing Inches," Excerpt from Greg Palast's Armed Madhouse

Nine and a half minutes on how the White House, FEMA, and the rest of the federal government really reacted to Katrina. (Dig the paperback edition, just out.) From Greg Palast's site ("The New Armed Madhouse Out Today"):

If you have ANY plan to grab a copy of my book, Armed Madhouse, I’m asking you, please: do it THIS WEEK.

The new edition, in paperback, totally updated with two new chapters, is out today.

Why get it this week? Because Karl Rove hopes you don’t.

I can’t make this up: In a February 7 email subpoenaed by the House Judiciary Committee, the Rove gang boasts that in the USA, “no national press has picked up” the investigations in Armed Madhouse. There’s even an excerpt from Armed Madhouse attached to Rove’s rant.

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