Is this Der Stürmer?

From the Miami Herald. Note the unintentional irony -- apparently, one of our core moral values is transferring tried-and-true anti-Semitic stereotypes onto Arabs:

Am I exaggerating? You decide: here's a lovely issue of Der Stürmer, from the German Propaganda Archive: (From the linked page:
"This is the cover to the most infamous issue of Der Stürmer, the 1934 issue accusing Jews of practicing ritual murder to secure the blood of Christians to use in Jewish religious rituals. The headline reads: Jewish Murder Plan against Gentile Humanity Revealed. The issue actually got banned by the Nazis after it had been out for a while, not because of anti-Semitic content, but because it compared alleged Jewish ritual murder with the Christian sacrament of communion. A full English translation of the issue was published in the United States in 1976 by a group in the 'Christian Identity' tradition.
Special Issue: May 1934")
I might add that the footer means, "The Jews are our misfortune!"


  1. And quite true, as evidenced by the way things have unfolded for the poor bastards that fought for them in WW2. Gentile white and non-white both kids jobs farmed out to 3rd world countries, their nations (Britain, USA and Canada) filled with alien races from 3rd world countries like India, Mexico and South America. Their daughters and sons exposed to relationship busting porn music and drugs. Their schools jails for brainwashing youth. They killed Patton because he saw it at the end. And the Jews, well they all started a whole new ballgame......(Drumroll....) In CANADA!! There, they spew anti-American propaganda 24/7 to keep non jew Americans out,so they can loot Canada like they did the US, unhindered, they change Canadian and US laws to make life miserable for Canadians and Americans who cross the borders lilke the neighbours we used to be before their agit-prop began, they hire Canadian Customs personnel who will chastise and condemn Canadians who shop or associate in USA. They have the loot from the US Treasury and Social Security that they KNOW people will be coming after when the SHTF, and they care not how many innocent Canadians they step on to use Canada as their top secret, underground criminal hideout!


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