Russian election is Putin's power play

This is obvious enough. Why we shouldn't reflect on how "managed" our own elections [sic] are strikes me as the more pertinent, and honest, question. Easy to criticize others; tougher to criticize yourself.

Further, exactly how US and EU policies have set the stage for someone like Putin to become as popular and powerful as he is (without ignoring homegrown motivations) seems to go unanalyzed. For example, if Bush is actually serious about not threatening Russia, and not believing Russia to be a threat to peace, as he recently said, well, there's an easy solution: give them the anti-missile technology, too. In fact, give it to China as well. Then, everyone's happy and we can concentrate on the "evil doers."

No one is going to do that: not Obama, Hillary, McCain or anyone else the owners will let near the highest position in middle management in the country. Obviously, no one is really concerned about Iran launching nuclear missiles against anyone: they'd be completely wiped off the face of the earth by just about everyone else if that ever happened. No terrorist org would nuke anyone with missiles, fachrissakes. A child of ten can figure that one out: if anything, it'd be trucked in -- or "better" yet, floated in. These systems are directed at our real competitors: Russia, China -- even "old" Europe, defined as, "anyone on that continent who doesn't follow our orders."

What else is new? Soon spring will be here.