Center for Economic and Policy Research Resources...

Here are some neat resources at CEPR (pron. "seeper," I found out); I put the homepage in the "Worthy Endeavors" list to the left (scroll down; it's under the Label Cloud and Archive).


Places specific tax or spending numbers in the context of the total U.S. budget. It converts dollar amounts into either dollars per capita or into a percentage of total revenues, total discretionary spending, or the total budget (including nondiscretionary spending).


Compares the cost of owning a home relative to renting for a potential new homeowner. It reports the "Net Cost of Owning" — the expected amount of additional cash available to a renter.


Compares current-law Social Security benefits to the Bush Plan based on "Progressive Indexing" and the 2005 State of the Union proposal, which includes private accounts paid for by 4 percentage points of the employee's payroll tax.