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A Minimalist Play on Sex Constructed Solely from the Meanings of Various Nautical Signal Flags

A milestone in the ongoing development of human culture:

A: "I have a diver down; keep well clear at slow speed."

B: "I am taking in or discharging or carrying dangerous goods." 

A: "Keep clear of me; I am maneuvering with difficulty."

B: "I require a tug."

A: "I am altering my course to starboard."

B: "I am on fire and have dangerous cargo on board: keep well clear of me."

A: "I am leaking dangerous cargo."

B: "I wish to communicate with you."

A: "You should stop your vessel instantly."

B: "My nets have come fast upon an obstruction."

A: "My vessel is 'healthy' and I request free pratique."

B: "Keep clear of me; I am engaged in pair trawling."

A: "Stop carrying out your intentions and watch for my signals."