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Showing posts from April 29, 2018

Michelle Wolf does the job properly: a thing of beauty

Watch, learn, love. That’s what a comedian is supposed to do when selected to be the sanctioned Fool at one of these White House Press Correspondent dinners: you clear-cut through everyone, refuse to be the good little pet/floor show, while saying, hilariously, that if the audience doesn’t like it, “they should have done more research” on whom to invite. Scathing—with a nice cute little girl smile, which makes it all the more devastating.

She heaped entirely deserved disdain on each and every worthy target, including, most impressively, the fucking assembled press who most definitely did give us this monster, Trump.

You know, the monster that epic cipher, if such a thing is possible, Sean Spicer happily worked for—a Nazi-loving piece of shit fraud. But poor wittle Spicey’s just Deeply Offended by this comedian’s accurate comments and well-deserved scorn. And we’re supposed to take that offense at all seriously, rather than seeing it as yet another example of the massive hypocrisy Wolf…