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Russia, China on Defense and No Iranian Nuclear Bomb - US Intelligence Report

Noam Chomsky: Ocasio-Cortez and Other Newcomers Are Rousing the Multitudes

An interview from 30 Jan, which you can read right here.

NB: the link to the "psyche" comment is broken; this is correct.

#122 Mark Blyth: Austerity, The European Union, Inequality, and Global T...

Mark Blyth & Doug Henwood - An Era of Trump & Brexit (March 2nd, 2017)

Rare sense on what's driving the global rightwing outburst that, literally, not one Good Liberal Democrat (ie, Sanders-hater) has demonstrated even the ability to reproduce, regardless of agreement, which is always telling.

Here's the podcast Blyth refers to, or to which Blyth refers if you're the kind of person whom up with such an absurdity will put. ("Who"?)

Two Long Articles in an Ongoing Series by Patrick Cockburn on the Roots of Brexit

Israel’s New Commander in Chief: “We’ll Create a Deadlier Army!”

Dear Worthless Leftist American Fake Jews:

Next time we "cut the grass" in Gaza, a chore you should thank us for, after we blow people up, we'll shoot each body part individually. 

Enough of this decadent leftist limp-wristery: we'll find every little piece of the men, women, and children we detonate, even if we have to use our cutting-edge biotech industry to find a way to attack Araboushim detritus at the molecular level. 

We must make Greater Israel Araboushim-rein! I have a PhD in philosophy, so I'm a liberal humanitarian. If you disagree on any level, you're allied with ISIS, Hitler, Haman, the Pharaoh, and noted antisemite Holocaust-denier George Soros.

Please visit Israel.

Love, Aviv Kochavi, Israel's New CiC.

Adam Johnson: "Your Complete Guide to the N.Y. Times’ Support of U.S.-Backed Coups in Latin America"

It ain't just Venezuela, 2019.

What follows is a helpful romp through recent history. Review with Johnson how the New York Times has always acted with bold independence, speaking truth to power whatever the cost, in its well-deserved if self-appointed role of noble tribune and defender of justice, always printing fitting news.

Dig it. Then cancel your subscription.

New Oil Sanctions on Venezuela: "Would Destroy What's Left of its Economy"

Climate scientists reveal their fears for the future

Allan Nairn on Venezuela


THE WHITE HOUSE is openly plotting to bring down the government of Nicolas Maduro in Caracas. It is being openly promoted as a campaign to steal Venezuelan oil for the benefit of U.S. corporations, and some powerful Democrats are cheering Trump on and joining the conspiracy. Elliott Abrams, one of the premiere butchers of the U.S. dirty wars in Central America in the 1980s, has been named the point man in the effort to bring regime change to Venezuela. This week on Intercepted: Investigative journalist Allan Nairn talks about the history of U.S. crimes in Central America, the time he told Abrams, on national television, he should stand trial for war crimes, and the threat of U.S. military action in Venezuela. Corporate media coverage of Venezuela has been atrocious and largely uniform with the role of successive U.S. administrations in destabilizing the country almost never highlighted. Former Hugo Chávez adviser Eva Golinger and journalist and educator Roberto Lovato discuss ho…

Roma Antiqua: CGI reconstruction of various sites

Mark and Carrie: Mark Blyth and Carrie Nordlund of Brown's Watson Institute

Many Countries at UN Oppose Trump Interference in Venezuela

Key bit:
PAUL JAY:And I think it’s important, just to add to your point about Honduras and Obama and Clinton, that some of the–several of the leaders of the Democratic Party, including Nancy Pelosi, have actually endorsed Trump’s strategy in Venezuela. LARRY WILKERSON:This is a bipartisan issue. I think I told you, the other day I came out of a room that had a bipartisan national security elite group debating things. And one of the things–debating the future and all manner of issues, everything from whether or not we should plus up State’s 150 account, the international relations account, how we should go after the defense budget, and so forth. And so I came out of that with the distinct impression that everyone there, Democrat and Republican, had decided that perpetual war is the concomitant of empire. Put in plain English: War, interminable war, is this Empire’s debt to the future.

Wagner and Venice, Orson Welles

John Cleese in Conversation with Graham Johnson & John Ford on UK Print Media

Ex-tabloid journalists talk about their time in organized crime--ie, working for the tabloids. But they don't draw much of a distinction between the tabloids and the broadsheets.

More here.


Or read here.

Trudeau Pushes Trump’s Regime Change in Venezuela

As a Good Liberal, I am somewhat confused that Trudeau can be so cute and know about quantum computing and still support regime change, Trump-style.

I guess Maduro must be a Putin stooge. Ah--there, you see? All better now.

We Are Destroying Our Life Support System, Dahr Jamail, Truthout

Forget politicians - here's the experts' view of a No-Deal Brexit

Matt Bruenig, Sorry, AOC Is Right

Nice lede:

The Washington Post tried to fact check Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez yet again. And yet again, the paper instead made a fool of itself.

Dig the full article here.

Here's the dweeb in question:

Some Comments on the Doomsday Clock from the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists