BBC's Rageh Omaar on Iran -- and in Iran

Get to know some of the people we're getting ready to kill in Iran:

Think we should kill these people because of their fucked-up "leadership"? Then you of course think that Americans are fair game for death because of our fucked-up "leadership" -- right? Ah, that's different...why?

Think about it.

Romney being handled by Stephanopolous with kid Mitts on Iran. A partial transcript. Apparently, Romney's Mormonism rates a video clip, but this insane statement, being repeated on both sides of the aisle, upon which potentially millions of lives hang, only rates a partial transcript. Let alone no challenge by that cute little Clintonista.

We're being softened up, kids, and the Nazi holocaust, once again, is being used as emotive leverage to, ironically (if that's the word -- perhaps, "unspeakably cynically," if you don't mind two adverbs side-by-side), kill a whole lot of innocent people.

I would think American Jews (not to mention everyone else, of course) who don't agree with attacking Iran need to speak up -- fast, loudly, and incessantly. Call your senators and representative constantly. They must record that you called -- make sure they do so.

Those American Jews who agree: feel free to stay quiet. There's a special place in hell for you. I'm talking to those who don't agree and are staying silent. That's just cowardice, and possibly worse than the delusion embraced by those who swallow any "pro-"Israeli action the US government, or groups like AIPAC, the ADL, et al, sells them.

I don't remember voting for AIPAC or the ADL. They don't represent me.


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