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25 February 2007

The Vega Science Trust - Richard Feynman

Free video. Funny, and very interesting.

A model of how to explain difficult concepts with crystal clarity without dumbing it down one iota.

So, don't tell me that the average person can't govern himself, learn what's necessary to be an informed citizen. And don't tell me that certain problems are "too complex" to be understood by "the average person." If you believe that, you do not believe in self-government. You are, actually, un-American, if by America, you mean its ideals and highest documents.

Note to any Nerds who see this page: Look here for more nerd-fodder. More Feynman. And look here. Not Feynman. And here. Not Feynman. For more Lewontin lectures, go here and here. Gould destroys Bell Curve here.

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