Making Martial Law Easier - New York Times

The New York Times gets it right. If they would stop publishing bullshit unsourced propaganda that helps this admin stay in power, that would help a bit, too.

Also, come on: the reason there is no public debate on this is because none is desired. Connect the friggin' dots, already: the Bush admin are a bunch of fascists, and they've systematically put into place an authoritarian framework that can be turned on (more so) at the flick of a bureaucratic switch. Why not write that?

Don't answer; I know.

The final sentence should read:
Since changes of this kind are not unusual in this criminal administration, this paper, as should the Congress itself, supports immediate impeachment of Bush and Cheney in order to protect what's left of the Republic. It's the least we can do, given how we've caved into this revolutionary President's administration; we have blood on our hands, and will make up for it as best we can.


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