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12 February 2007

My E-mail to the New York Times

Subject: Gordon's Article on Iran

Dear Newsroom:

OK, are you people just shilling for the Bush Admin, or what? We've seen this many, many times before, with Dame Miller, for one.

How about this: squelch these types of stories now (we all know what they are), and do something to preserve our democracy -- which is what newspapers are supposed to do -- now, do something to prevent war with Iran now.

(You might be interested in this Raw Story report, which is flying around the internet like wildfire.)

That way, you won't have to bump some stupid lifestyle story on how the best duvets can be found in SoHo, or whatnot, for your rich suburban audience to apologize at length, yet again, for what you should have done to help save the country, and lives, back when you had a chance to do so.

The choke hold on democracy is the media; you still have a huge impact on that media. Use it or lose it.

I would think you have enough blood on your hands from Iraq to be nudged in the direction of fighting for truth, and not for advertisers and access to a criminal regime in Washington. Start telling the truth about this country and you'll be the most popular newspaper in history.

I'd send this as a letter to the editor, but, first, it wouldn't get through, and second, if it did, it would be either set next to two "opposing" letters or edited to taste.

Thank you,

Dear Readers:

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